Physics 1 Final Exam Study Guide Review – Multiple Choice Practice Problems

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This physics video tutorial is for high school and college students studying for their physics midterm exam or the physics final exam. This study guide review tutorial contains 50 multiple choice practice problems.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. One Dimension Kinematic Problems
2. Average Speed and Average Velocity Problems
3. Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration Problems
4. Projectile Motion Physics Problems
5. Magnitude and Direction Angle of Vectors
6. Newton’s Second Law of Motion
7. Inclined Plane Physics Problems & Free Body Diagrams
8. Static Friction and Kinetic Friction
9. Net Force Problems
10. Tension Force and Normal Force Physics Problems
11. Maximum Height and Range of a Projectile
12. Launch Angle of a Projectile
13. Work Energy Principle
14. How To Calculate The Work Required To Lift an Object
15. Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy
16. Newton’s Third Law of Motion
17. Pulley Problems and Acceleration
18. Circular Motion and Tension In a Rope
19. Car Rounding a Curve – Static Friction and Maximum Speed
20. Centripetal Force and Circular Motion
21. Gravitational Force
22. How To Calculate The Speed of a Satellite
23. Conservation of Energy Problems
24. Elastic Potential Energy and Final Speed
25. Average Power, Force, and Velocity
26. Cost of Electricity and Kilowatt hours
27. Velocity Time Graphs, Slope, and Acceleration
28. Inelastic Collisions and Conservation of Momentum
29. Torque, Rotational Inertia, and Angular Acceleration
30. Conservation of Angular Momentum
31. Seesaw Problem With Torques & Mechanical Advantage
32. Rotational Kinematic Problems
33. Angular Speed and Linear Speed Problems
34. Net Force and Momentum
35. How To Calculate The Work Done Given a Force Displacement Graph
36. Work Done By a Force


Mreza SaI says:

I both dont want to be here and yet i am still here

kaan güzsoy says:

konuş damat taşaklar işe yaramış, Thanks man you helped a lot 🙂

Sanam Sulaimankhil says:

You are great!

Akmuhammet Karayev says:

question#43 asks for complete revolution but you approximated 47.7 to 48 that's not complete

Jeffry Dones says:

Please do more of these videos! Great before and after taking the class.

carson says:

i have my exam tommorow aaaaaaa

Joleene says:

My physics exam is in 15min :’)))

Kevin Norris says:

I have a physics final in 19 hours and I’m hoping this video helps. Then again, your videos always help me.

JoseFjre says:

How is this man so smart

Citlali Rodriguez says:

lol I have my exam in like 15 mins, why am I even trying.

LuxMain says:

why am I watching this I'm supposed to be studying for English one, not Physics??

Sergio Villalobos says:

the the one on minute 15:00, there is an easier way of doing it rather than trying to remember what the quadratic equation is on the day of the exam. First, use the (V^2final = v^2initial+2ad) formula, and solve for Vfinal. You are given Vinitial, and a=9.8 on y direction. And it tells us the displacement. After getting the final velocity, use the (Vfinal=Vinitial+at) formula to solve for t. Easier than quadratic equation for me.

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