Jayme Closs found safe, suspect Jake Patterson in custody | Press conference, live stream

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Police identified a 21-year-old Wisconsin man Friday as the suspect in the case of 13-year-old Jayme Closs, who was found alive Thursday after disappearing the day her parents were murdered in October. Police identified the suspect as Jake Thomas Patterson of Gordon, Wisconsin, and said he was charged with the killings and the kidnapping.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told reporters at a press conference that it appeared Patterson went to the Closs’ home with the intention of abducting Jayme. Fitzgerald said he didn’t know how Patterson knew her.

Police were not looking for additional suspects, Fitzgerald said. The sheriff said Gordon, where Jayme was found, was not on authorities’ radar.

For further details: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jayme-closs-update-police-wisconsin-missing-girl-found-today-2019-01-11-live-stream-updates/

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Snufalufagus Shit says:

She is the one who killed her parents. I guarantee it! Mark my words.

Nero Bruno says:

Build the Wall! Stop these bad hombres.

Ruth Cordle says:

Bless she alive from Ruth cordle ok

Axoron says:

So glad she is safe!

Reese Brindle says:

Why they take questions is beyond me. Way to early to answer anything. She saved herself. Law enforcement has no answers.

Kyla Mooney says:

i hate how the police are saying they brought her home…it wasn’t the police, it was her bravery to escape. they didn’t save her. she saved herself. the police need to stop taking credit for that

cheese burger walrus says:

Do you know the answer to anything? Damn…

Frode Bergeton Nilsen says:

Credit is due, where credit is due. This appears to be, a really solid piece of work by law enforcement. The community support, in this case, is also awesome.

Jack Jammen says:

Now concentrate on the 17 people who thumbed this down.

Robyn Carlson says:

I used to work in a prison, and the inmates have their own code of behavior. Child molestation is the worst thing and he's going to suffer.

Manu says:


Anonymous Lee says:

They pick him up on a camera, in a blk charger (car) tinted windows when it first happen. I'm trying recall that when i saw that on tv.Look like the same guy????

alicecapone says:

The more activities parents can introduce their children since early age, the less possibility things like this would have happened when they become teens

AbdelMajed Mohammed says:

Thank God she was found

Angela Netherton says:

How do they know she isn’t behind this too??

Ditching The Grind 3 says:

He deserves death penalty. Prayers for Jamie. My heart goes out to her. So sorry for her loss.

Charlie Zelenoff says:

Video on her kidnapper on my channel

Ansley Billena says:

I'm glad she is safe now with her family and friends!

Michelle Mcghee says:

Thank you lord for answered letters prayers

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