Vladimir Putin fires cannon to mark Russian Christmas

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During a visit to his hometown of St. Petersburg on Monday, Russian president Vladimir Putin visited the Petropavlovsky Fortress on the banks of the Neva River and pulled the lever on a howitzer that fires a daily noontime salute, a tradition since 1895.

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Diana Hurtova says:

Putin je nejlepší prezident!!!

Mike Carone says:

Xi Jinping is the leader of the Peoples Republic Of China

Jóshi Dou says:

Don’t try this at home kids

Try this in Russia

Mr Real says:

Better than mistle toe when bumping into your sister in law under the door frame.

purplefrogs09 says:

"But sir, it's aimed at civilian houses!" …. Putin " I SAID FIRE!!"

Brian Sokoloski says:

Also Polish and Ukrainian Christmas

Brian Sokoloski says:

Vancouver BC Canada has two salutes one at 12 noon a air horn from Canada place and at 9 pm a blank noise from a weapon at Stanley park

Moussaoui Ahmed says:


Art Anson says:

Of course he did. What else would you expect from a former KGB thug ?!?

The real Christian way to celebrate Christmas is to gather at church and read from Isaiah 7:14, and chapter 9, Matthew chapter 1 & 2 , and especially Luke chapters 1 & 2 .

Sing some great Hymns. "Angels we have heard on high!" , "Away in a manger, no crib for a bed" , "Hark the Herald Angels sing" , "Angels from the realms of glory" , "While shepherds watched their flocks by night" , "O come all ye faithful" , and if you can get a copy of the sheet music and a good organist, "The Messiah" by Handel.

Jack R Cotter says:

Even though i'm american I'd love to have Vladamir as our president


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Putinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!.

Now put Hillary and George Soros at the end of that.

Dalibor Suđecki says:

Happy Christmas Russian people, from Serbian brother. SRETAN BOŽIĆ

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