Inside China’s Future Factory

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Over the past 40 years, the fishing village of Shenzhen has been reborn as a futuristic metropolis bursting with factories. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance travels to the heart of China’s tech revolution to witness this new reality firsthand, as part of a three-episode exploration of the city. In part one of Hello World Shenzhen, Vance gets a worker’s view of life in a startup and then explores one of the city’s famous electronics markets to learn how people survive (and in some cases make fortunes) in such a frenetic, competitive environment.


Creator & Host
Ashlee Vance

Diana Suryakusuma

Ashlee Vance
Alan Jeffries

Director of Photography
David Nicholson

Alan Jeffries

Jack Lam

Camera Assistant
Qi Yang

Motion Graphics
Sylvia Yang

Yang Liu

Audio Mix
Cadell Cook

Allie Ames


Bloomberg says:

Thanks for watching! The second part of Hello World: Shenzhen: premieres Thursday, January 17th.

Spiderman Can says:

China stealing…again! HAHAHA! Makes no sense but it sounds funny!

Mr. Lemon says:

A capitalistic TV station loves a communists system

Abhishek Rao Chimbili says:

Now do Bangalore

Alandala says:

And I wanted to buy a paid of those headphones..changed my mind now!

J lu says:

The US Union is slowing down the progress… can someone can't do his or her own assignment and yet that person wanted to be on the overtime list ……..the……more babies mean more welfare and food stamp all protected by the Democratic liberal agenda ….why bother working then !

Andy Guo says:

The United States is the earth rogue tumor, hope to eradicate as soon as possible

John Wilson says:

Fuck China. China will never surpass America.

Muhammed shibli A P says:

I'm not aspect this much about China. I see a lot of videos about China, but I didn't see that electronic supermarket that display different electronics parts like jewellery shop.

Fidelio 4 says:

I love china since my childhood wonderful culture and respect what you did the last 40 years. Hope to visit one day greeting from germany

Abishek Rai Kudoor says:

farm land 🙁

dlz124 says:

That blade runner style music during the intro !!! I love it

JackyVivid says:

83 from youpee beihaar!

zongdao zou says:

more video about China plz.

AD X says:

Hope everyone can know more about Shenzhen,it is really an amazing place

Lewis Beauchamp says:

This comment section is like a propaganda war

Abhinav Sahni says:

What's up with the blade runner music in the start?

Max Reisinger says:

Super awesome perspective into another way of life! Thanks for sharing

Brandon Hu says:

Why do comments always have to be about how great their country is (China), can we just agree that all countries are unique and awesome. (I’m Chinese btw)

Joseph Jovencio Valerio III says:

I didn't expect that those all happens in Shenzhen. Nice feature!

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