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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, outlines the progression of breast cancer and describes the stage classifications based on the extent of the disease.



Yaseenhassan Hassan says:

This is very bad no one should suffer from it

Pastel Sheep says:

My right side has always been bigger than my left since I was little and it feels like a lump

Heidi Kamil says:

i found a lump during 2014 , till now i still haven't checked up on it nor did anything about it . . . yes , it grew , currently i have 4 – 6 lumps in my breast . . .
but i would like to know , judging from the duration (2 years) that i have kept this cancer without doing anything , what stage would i be right now ?

Karen Marie says:

I think it helpful to know if or not

Aliya Sing says:

is pimple on nipple symptom of breast cancer

Marnita Smith says:

This video was very knowledgeable explaining the different stages of breast cancer… It would be helpful.

Surgery Group of Los Angeles says:

Great visual video!

Click the link below for related general information you might want to know if you have a family history of breast of ovarian cancer.

Lakshyata Gehlot says:

This is very bad no one should suffer from it

another420day says:

Can guys have breast cancer? O.O

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