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Hey my weight loss peeps!!! So you want to try keto after weight loss surgery? Let me explain macros, fat intake, why you should try keto before weight loss surgery and more!!!

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ABOUT ME: Hi, I’m Deaira know to some as Candi and I am a makeup artist in Baltimore! I have a love for makeup, hair and healthy lifestyle living! On my channel you will find makeup tutorials, product reviews,wig reviews, weight loss updates and much MORE! If you enjoy please SUBSCRIBE! It’s FREE AND I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!! XOXO


Yvo May says:

I'm so glad I found this you!!! I had the sleeve surgery on 1/20/16, lost 120 lbs. I've gained 20 back and I'm not losing. My nutritionist is against the keto diet but at this point I dont give a damn. I need to do what's best for me. I'm ready to start and trying to figure out if I need to do a reset or just dive on in to the keto lifestyle. I'm realizing I'm an addict and I just cant eat carbs! I est everything and tolerate it ALL but still have restriction on the amount I ea What are your thoughts on the pouch reset diet? Fasting? My Hw was 398lbs. My CW is 294-298lbs. GW right now is 250 and would like to get down under 200lb. I'm tall with a large frame so I'm not looking to be Please keep the videos coming. Maybe some favorite recipes, snacks, meal prep. More on macros. Anything! Lol

NelleBell Flem says:

I got VSG March 2018 and am currently doing keto. I started keto after stalling for 3 months after losing 60lbs from surgery. I'm in my 7th week of Keto, down 12lbs and have about 20lbs until goal. I agree with everything you just stated. Although I waited about 8 months after surgery to start keto it was the right time for me.

Tnc874 says:

cool. im living in Baltimore too!

TheReal Birdie says:

Girl you look so amazing! Nice meeting you today!

Natalie B says:

I haven't started because I can't seem to figure out all the info. It's also a struggle for me since I don't eat meat and dairy

Topsycole says:

We are keto twins lol, I started Keto May 28th this year and weighed exactly the same as you did when you started at 243. I am down to 211 to date and looking to lose another 30lbs. Best decision I ever made! Keep up the great work, you look amazing xxx

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