10 Misconceptions About Lyme | May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

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PART 1/2: May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! Join Kevin and I in this 2 PART video as we go through some of the most common misconceptions about Lyme Disease which we were both diagnosed with many years ago. This is our first time together on camera that we will be speaking openly about Lyme and how we both contracted it. No scripts, no fancy editing just US in the flesh.


1. What is Lyme Disease?
2. How is Lyme contracted?
3. What are the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease?
4. What is the standard treatment for Lyme Disease if detected early?
5. What is chronic Lyme Disease?


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What is Lyme Disease:

Lyme Disease Co-Infections:


What does a Lyme rash look like?

How Lyme Disease hides from your immune system:

Lyme Disease Challenge:

Lyme Disease The Great Imitator:

Autoimmune Stage Of Lyme Disease – Dr Kevin Conners

How to get tested for Lyme Disease:

How to safely remove a tick:

Please find it in your heart to listen to 13-year-old Olivia, creator of the LivLyme Foundation’s story and donate:


“If you have an auto immune disease, THINK INFECTION!” Don’t think your body isn’t smart enough to know what it’s doing. Don’t think hereditary. Don’t think that there is nothing that you can do to change it. Don’t think it’s a life sentence. Don’t control or mask the symptoms with medication and immune suppressants. Don’t let infection/Lyme make you its victim!”

~ Kevin & Jessica


WATCH: What I’ve Learned From Living With Lyme Series:

WATCH: Our Life Story | The Healing Hands Duo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6xFhQGJDPg


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Lyme Disease The Great Imitator:

Lyme Image

Bartonella Image:

Lyme Disease Ribbon:

Spirochete Image:

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mistyeyedimmortal says:

I was diagnosed today and your video is helping but also breaking me down. I'm scared for my kids. More for them, than myself now. What if I sentenced them? I now need to get them tested……

Anthony Campion says:

Did you get much worse during treatment? This is horrendous I'm so sick.

Theresa Geiger says:

There is no concrete proof that it's sexually transmitted people need to stop putting that out there please please stop putting that out there I have done several researches on it you could have been bit to when you are Mexico and did not know about it and it just took you longer because your immune system was Stronger

amanda grace says:

i had a ton of lyme symptoms and when i went to the doctor at first she told me i was depressed and that's it even though I had fever, chills, heart rate of 160-190 and can't walk right and she wouldn't test for lyme because it's super rare in my state and many doctors refused to test me but one finally did and it was positive. 🙁 I'm feeling better already but I hope it won't stick with me . Did you guys experience formication? which is feeling bugs on you that aren't there? i had that for a couple weeks and couldn't sleep

Natalia Szewczyk says:

great video- thank you guys! how healthy are you nowadays – do you feel 100% recovered?

Lyme N Rmsf Warrior says:

I so agree, I deal with the complex part more than the disease that caused it. What a booger

Lyme N Rmsf Warrior says:

love it, and ty for the awareness of the battle we afight

Cathy Bobathy says:

Many people require antibiotics to restore their destroyed immune system enough to even register a positive antibody response on a blood test.

Bill Thompson says:

thanks for continuing to help spread awareness!

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