Dr. Robert Kaplan: “Mathematics: Learning to Speak our Lost Native Language” | Talks at Google

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Robert Kaplan (along with Ellen Kaplan) founded The Math Circle, the internationally renowned program that has taught the joy of mathematics to children and adults since 1994. Started at Harvard, it has spread across the United States and to Brazil, reaching over 25,000 students in 3000 groups. Now known as Global Math Circle, the program is spreading around the world, through online video conversations groups, open to all.

In Kaplan’s own words, “Why should so many be bored or frightened by math, the art of the infinite, our window on form, the keys to the kingdom of meaning? In The Math Circle we aim to give children of any age the self-esteem and admiration of their friends that comes from discovering math together, in collegial conversation. We tell no one anything, no more than posing an accessible mystery and letting them invent their way to insight and proof. Classes are buoyant and intense, without put-downs, tests or grades. For the leader they are high-wire acts without a safety net. I’ll hold such a class with some ten Googler kids, and look forward to discussing with you what happened and why.”

Robert Kaplan is the acclaimed author of the “The Art of the Infinite: The Pleasure of Mathematics” and “Out of the Labyrinth: Setting Mathematics Free”. To learn more about the Math Circle program, visit www.theglobalmathcircle.org.


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