Nicotine & Smoking Facts : Nicotine Side Effects

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The main side effect of nicotine on the body is the cutting off of oxygen to several areas of the body, particularly the muscles. Get rid of nicotine in the body after just three or four days with insight from a master of hypnotism therapy in this free video on nicotine.


Lyreoz says:

Woah, a video with actual facts about nicotine, and not assumptions and opinions.

HoosierPiper says:

And I’m no quitter! Never have been. Now, where’s my dip?

michael lostheart says:

hey . I've been a smoker since I was 17 yrs .. I'm 35 now and just recently I quit smoking . It's been 9 days so far and I'm scared . The withdrawal , the symptoms I'm getting are really bad , my head for example . its like my mind is in a "vice grip " . the pain , nausea , mild headaches , and trying to focus on certain tasks have been a problem for me since then . my question is ….is this normal , for me to feel this way after I quit ? , cause it hurts .

tachibana yuu 立花優 says:

nicotine is an alcaloid based on nitrogen, like mophine even though it's a vaso-constrictor it doesn't have a health risk, the reverse effect is caused by caffeine (causes dialation) … it's not cutting off oxygen that's what the the CO2 CO that binds to the hemoglobin that does make the O2 supply short …
dont spread misconseptions arround please …
 Nicotine isn't the one to blame but the other thousand compounds released due to the conbustion of the tabacco, they even found (radioactive isotopes in it "lead") .
Because of misconceptions like that vapers are treated like smokers, why you people like to spread those lies ? Smoking kills -> true / Nicotine kills ? go back to medschool .
i appologise for my clumsy english, were quite pissed by your "media like" bs .

ecomunky says:

temper trap science to fear.


But, nobody likes a quitter.

TheCloudyDave says:

The "negative" things said about nicotine outright lies and have no medical truth to them. Smoking is bad for your health not to be confused with nicotine. Vaporizing nicotine has shown no ill effects in people who use vaporizers and all preliminary studies have confirmed the same. The actual burning and smoking is were the harm comes from as well as the 4 thousand or so chemicals many of which are carcinogens.

wtfiypaw says:

@Mahkmiir its never necessary.

Geryd Boiyt says:

Havent had a smoke in a few months now. I just followed some advice I found online. This will explain everything >>

antitna says:

how'd it go?.. im still smoking :/

rotterdam jwz says:

@workpleasecomeon thats why we like nicotine, u will feel a but dizzy:)

walrusgh says:

Wish I had never started.

Jonhy SimonZ says:

This man gives me hope dude…in 5 days I'll be Ok….but it wont be easy

William Goss says:

I started a bit. Five packs. My recruiter told me to stop because if I get any legal problems I will be DQ'd (underaged). Stopping has actually been pretty easy- I just annoy the hell out'a my friends about it knowing nothing will change. It's all true. Don't take another stoge and yer fine. But, man, once I go east… I'm going back to it. It's necessary for soldiers & marines, right? I think so.

allynths says:

@JoyOrder77 thankyou 🙂

Eoin Llewellyn says:

thanks a million for the info

allynths says:

please son't judge me
i tried smoking (im 12 years old DON'T JUDGE EVERYONE HAS TRIED!)
and i inhaled the smoke a few times and i felt really dizzy
im kinda scared now…
haha umm will i puke or die?

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