It’s UFO Day! Here’s What We Know So Far | Mach | NBC News

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It’s UFO day and we still don’t know much about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. From why aliens might be unable to take on space travel to how some life on Earth might have originated from outer space, this is what we know so far about alien life in the universe.
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It’s UFO Day! Here’s What We Know So Far | Mach | NBC News


Mack Collquette says:

They are NOT "Aliens" from other "planets." ALL LIES! Read this scholar's latest book and be prepared to have your mind and paradigm blown with new information and correlations between ancient and modern texts and science and so much more that no one ever showed us before. – @t

Riff Man says:

What a joke. There is so much evidence for visitation, yet nobody wants to have the conversation and ask the tough questions that comes with. Sad

Andre Williams says:

To call them conspiracy theorist, is totally incorrect you have nuclear rocket scientist people with phds in The Sciences all of them have degrees or majority of them have technical degrees researching this extraterrestrial visitations and the information they gave is consistent with what the military is showing us on there video when you say conspiracy theorist you throw off the reality is that we have very well trained investigators investigating this matter and have been doing so for quite a many years and they've yielded some very good fruits the problem is the scientist that so afraid to look at the data they won't look at the data but they'll say that the Extra-Terrestrial vehicles of visitors don't exist are you in for a surprise scientist? A big surprise once you read the data and the data was not just produced by UFO researchers data was produced by the US government so look at the data otherwise you're going to be shocked when you understand the reality of it all

John Moore says:

The laws of physics doesn't apply to other universe's,
Or to other planet's.
I've traveled to every nebula and quasar,
Super novas..
2 universe's have no life as yet,
NASA is a cover-up service,
Heaven is it's own universe.
You can ask me logically correct questions?
I can explain life as a whole.
The true meaning of life for humanity.
The truth is here.

Nathaniel Berkeley-Biggs says:

I have seen something on a couple times in the same place in the UK, late at night in a specific place, not sure if it was a landed alien craft, but there was definite movement near it, I didn’t stop to find out. Doesn’t really bother me either way. I’m sure I will see it again, but I’m not telling the authorities. None of their business.

gerald hills says:

An octopus thinks we look alien !

Larry Magee says:

The USA news media is not really interested in UFOs except as a curiosity to sell advertising. I'm not saying "don't trust the media," except where it comes to UFOs. They don't know the first thing about them. Try googling "The Robertson Panel" for more.

Larry Magee says:

What they said about the secret UFO program is the same thing they said in the 50s– "it might be foreign technology," i.e. The Russians, that's causing this. Why say it again? They know it's not, they've known since then, so why insult our intelligence again? No earthly power could come up with something that could…"defy the laws of physics," again. They just can't accept the fact that it could come from SOMEWHERE ELSE!

devil dude says:

Idiots these are not aloens in the ufo from outside world they are humans they are working on a secret project and blamming alien's that they are real

PSvita Gamer says:

3weekz ago i saw a rainbow like star it was rainbowish and it traveled so fast that i was actually shocked that was the first time. I dont know if its a falling star because its way different than falling star. In philippines btw

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