NBA Daily Show: Jan. 2 – The Starters

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On Wednesday’s episode of the show, the guys check the polls! Who will be the biggest name traded? Who’s gonna win MVP? And which team comes out of the Eastern Conference? That, plus a New Year’s resolutions-themed edition of Crossfire, some bold 2019 predictions, NBA trickery, and so much more. Watch The Starters daily at 6:00ET throughout the season or get more of them on their website:


Joshua Dingess says:

Everyone forgetting about the Celtics with the same group that almost made it to the finals but lost against LeBron, without Kyrie or Hayward?

VM says:

Giannis better than Kawhi ?? in what world Skeets ????? MAYBE IN THE FUTURE not now, what the FUCK

Mike Pollak says:

Ok tho, if ur sayin cuz the buckshavent won a playoff series and thats why the raptors r favs, keepin mind the raptors make it outthe 1st round but theyve just strate choked for quite a few yrs tothe cavs, and they always struggle1st round no matter who they play. And give the bucks some credit, hadnt been to playoffs in forever until a few yrs ago, and with theroster shifting so often they didnt get a chance to reallydevelope andget that much needed ice breaking xp. And we took theraptors to 6 games 2yrs ago (which no one thoughtthey even had a shot.) And the dominant last yrs celtics to7 games! And remember we had a TERRIBLE coach, people dont even realizejust how bad jason kidd was for us, practically poison. And they needed a good starting guard, which we only got like rite before the playoofs last yr, in bledsoe, and malcom BRogdon comin into his own. We needed those 2 major changes soooo bad. Up till now if uk all the facts, i cant hold any playoff history against them , this yr is where we really see, no exscuses. People forget how anything they did acomplish was all exceeding expectations.

Mike Pollak says:

"Onnnn todayys show." All their intros they do every episode is like always exactly the same tone , volume, and demeanor. Its freagin exact , like almost takes skill and commitment, which is big part of bball, lol, so respect. And ingram for beal just straight up? That is def not a fair trade.

Vukasin Dragas says:

TRADE LOVE.he is taking our cap and we can get some young players and picks he isn't in a future plan

Jon says:

Its easy to average 33 points when you get 20 free throws a game…

Matthew Mey says:

Raptors win the #1 seed in the regular season but the bucks come out of the ECF against the raptors in 7

ALi Barzegar says:

Ad is gonna get signed th pelicans won’t trade him

Gabriel Munos says:

Kd staying in Golden State

Mr1Nate7 says:

raptors will choke in the playoffs like ever year.

Milan Repedic says:

No need to get your munch on Tas….I'm your fat guy πŸ˜€
Let's complete the Starters line up.

Bob JONes says:

0:29 – Intro

1:09 – Best NBA trick

2:06 – Biggest name to be traded

6:17 – Who will win MVP?

9:26 – Who wins the East?

11:58 – Crossfire!!!

15:57 – Fill in the blank

18:04: bold prediction

21:45 – Pick em play

21:50 – Very solid play

Ravi Edwards says:

Fucc Trey off

Matt Barker says:

Welcome back guys, love……this….show!!!

Svend Poulsen says:

who else likes the show, but HAS to mute to intro part, it gets so annoying πŸ˜€

Jacky Zheng says:

Durant should go back to OKC πŸ˜‰

Jacky Zheng says:

This is completely a joke because Kyle Lowry is "clearly" πŸ˜‰ faking his injury so he doesnt have to play Derozan πŸ˜‰

weiss9263 says:

i watch this show because that dumbfuck max kellerman isnt on here and will never come here

viewtube. says:

Lee on FIYAH today

RealFalse Llama says:

Where my man who always posts the times for each section?

Skip Bayless says:

now i think 2019 will be a good year

jarredcmartin says:

Harden can't keep up this pace and the Rockets won't be a top 3 seed. Giannis is MVP frontrunner.

Cam Nadi says:

Check this out – $4,000 live bet and expert analysis on Raptors @ Spurs (Kawhi's return to San Antonio)

Suleiman Mustafa says:

If the fouled wedgie had gone in, it would be an add-one so it should count

Leonid Uvarov says:

The guys are back!!

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