The video raising new questions about the treatment of migrant children in US custody

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Images appearing to show staff members slapping, shoving and dragging children at a closed Southwest Key facility in Arizona.


blackyurizan says:

None of these kids would be dragged, if these illegals would have stayed in their home countries and stopped trespassing over countries unlawfully

David Marchese says:

Piece of shit….

Carolina Garcia says:

Not suprised all the psychos comments blaming everyone except the adults physically assaulting children are at the bottom. If only there were a damn time machine we can send all the conservative republicans back in time to the 1700's Make america great again lmfao!

Bip Bap says:

These shitty 3rd worlders shouldn't have come here. We don't want them. They have to go back.

Miniature Movie Studio's says:

Been forced into a government program or too in my day it's all about the money..never truly helping anyone.

The dark knight returns says:

I want trump and his youngest child to get cancer

Frank Strange says:

All you supporter of the immigrant movement. Do nothing to help America when they start moving in your neighborhood and lower the property value. Sell drugs bring 20 peeps in one house then we can talk . I’m in California Huntington Beach was a good place to live. Look at it now

collecting in rhode island says:

U go down their and deal with these little pricks hitting you and not listening and doing what ever they want while your trying to do your job and help them out with handouts, all i see is a bunch of ungrateful little shits.. not for nothing theirs people in america who live in very bad areas and deal with a lot of shit. We might move but where not moving to another country and if we or should i say i, id so some fucking respect. What do you think they do in juvenile detention centers to americans no differences so whats the fuss. Let me go to canada and just try to walk right in like i own the place not happening. And then throw a temper tantrum because your not getting enough free shit. Fuck off. Yall are not citizens we are and went through a process if you dont like it go back to your country where its so bad. Im really getting sick and tured of this shit and i feel bad for all the familys and people that live along the south coast. No one gives a shit about yous its so sad. All you crybabies who wanna be super save a hoe head down to the border and help these people out. Dont bring them back up here though until they know how to read write and speak english. Thats americas first language im not even gonna try to figure out what your saying if you cant speak english you shouldnt be here. Your a danger. And that should be forced that everone read writes and speaks english we shouldnt have to put up a million says in a million languages because they dont understand english thats not our problem if you wanna be in america go learn english and the american language thanks you. English will never be the second language in america so get your fucking mond right before yall start crying like babies.

nanciie07 says:

Migrant or not THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!!
I hope they burn in hell!

Edward Tickbottom says:

Let’s hope North Korea wipes the worlds shithole off the map. Bye America (wishful thinking)

Lynette Scribner says:

Why is our country expected to babysit kids who can't speak English and may also have behavior problems? Send them and their parents back! Now they'll look for excuses to sue. Why are we allowing so many in? What a disgrace. Go the f*** home and wait till your asylum process has finished. You are not our problem OR our responsibility!

Tracy Cardwell says:

Dont come here then, no one ask you to cross the border illegally or to come here.

Isaac Friedmann says:

Send these poor people to Israel, we'll welcome them all with open arms #OpenBorderForIsrael #LoveIsLove

El Tigrero says:

all leftists are liars and traitors

John-Paul Nagel says:

This is Not Right! I’m Ashamed that this is Allowed
Prison for Life

Danielle Smith says:

those kids were probably being really bad.

Mario Mueller says:

why is the suvideo blurred like that?

fan attic says:

Now that is bullying, pick on someone your own size. Or are you too scared?

Hope Springseternal says:

What kind of horrible parents put these kids in this situation ? Why should we be forced to deal with these irresponsible burdens?

94KX says:

Plot twist: this is actually footage from an elementary school in New Mexico 😛

Ronald Sheaffer says:

I am sure our “Little One” will place the blame. Waiting for a tweet.

Santa Claus says:

The only problem I see for blaming this all on the workers is that the one boy hits the worker three time before the worker does anything.

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