Tour de France 2018 Stage 20

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Tour de France 2018 Stage 20
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Funky Disciple says:

Tom Dumoulin looks absolutely sublime on that time trial bike. A power house. Defo a TdF winner within a few years.

Sionnach1601 says:

Thanks very much Cycling Race for uploading this stage. I would have not seen it in its entirety but for you. I really appreciate it. Thank you. 🙂
New sub btw!

Sionnach1601 says:

At 3:56:59 the time on the clock for the stage is as follows:
40'50"41 – Chris Froome
40'52"19 – Thomas Dumoulin

Yet Thomas Dumoulin 'wins' the stage???
Last time I looked, 40'52"19 is 2"19 slower than 40'50"41…or…did France suddenly become part of the Southern hemisphere where everything is upside down???
What the hell?!!

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