The inconvenient truth about Al Gore’s electric bill
As Al Gore’s documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,’ prepares to open, the electric bill in environmental icon Nashville home suggests he may not practice what he has preached for so long #Tucker
Chris Hill: Donald Trump’s Iran Talk ‘Aided And Abetted’ By NSA Director Bolton | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Former Ambassador Chris Hill says Trump’s talk on Iran may be fueled by NSA Director John Bolton. Hill says on Bolton, the “only issue he seems to speak out on is Iran.” » Subscribe to [More]
EU to bypass US sanctions on Iran | DW News
Several EU states have created a new payment channel in a bid to bypass US sanctions on Iran. It’s called INSTEX and Germany, France and the UK are behind it. It’s designed to allow Iran [More]
Trump’s taped-up women claims: Fact or Hollywood fiction?
President Donald Trump continues to use unproven talking points to make his case for a US-Mexico border wall. CNN’s Miguel Marquez notes the similarities between Trump’s talking points and the movie, “Sicario: Day of the [More]
Self accupuncture foot and Morton’s neuroma – Self-acupuncture #4
Welcome to my channel —————————————– Again I teach the nature of self acupuncturist and the significance of the pain relieve and natural healing . If you like my video please thumbs up and subscribe for [More]
What It Means to Be a Marine Biologist | The Spark
National Geographic ExplorerNational Geographic Explorer Asha de Vos talks about what it means to be a Marine Biologist and the impact this has on her home country of Sri Lanka. ➡ Subscribe: #NationalGeographic #AshadeVos [More]
WHAT’S IN A MAJOR: Health Science
Hear from Sarah, a Health Science major, about her experiences working towards a career in health administration! Filmed on March 21, 2012.
Ridiculous Fury Ember With Damage Modules – Melting All Enemies | War Robots
This is another build that I have been wanting to try. 3 embers have always done a ton of damage. But now I used modules and boosters. If you get directly hit with this…. you’ll [More]
2018 Japanese Grand Prix: Race Highlights
The battle for crucial points moved to Suzuka, where controversy erupted between Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel… For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® [More]
2018 Brazilian Grand Prix: Race Highlights
Title tension and passions boiling over – all the best bits from a dramatic race day in Brazil… For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow [More]