CNN Newsroom [12PM] 12/29/2018 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Dec 29, 2018

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CNN Newsroom [12PM] 12/29/2018 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Dec 29, 2018
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Jim Menard says:

Trump loves to Troll Fake News Media because Trump is always 5 steps ahead of Fake news media,he wasn't alone oh no he was working on your sealed Indictments Fake News Media yah it's true and don't worry your Military Tribunals and Executions will be SWIFT AND JUST.enjoy the show

Giancarlo Cipolla says:

He is an horrible person and deserve to be alone in jail for the rest of his life….

irene gewinner says:

Can djt do that when there is no emergency?

RLSDW74 says:

Let’s see tax records

James Marshall says:


Lorraine Lavender-Sams says:

Ask yourselves, Americans, are we hostages of an authoritarian? "Ego projected by fear; protected by anger". Security is needed; blackmail isn't.

Millie Ruff says:

Donnie is just trying to lower the deficit so he has extra spending money for a wall.a million off the payroll,troops recalled then discharged,half the staff to run things,the savings are enough to maga since everyone else is working for free.

Sequoia says:

Fuck off this pedophile libtard commie trump dicksucker news.
People full of this bullshit.

Magdalis Almodovar says:

People like him will die alone, hes a horrible 45 that his plans in Florida are interrupted, he will start crying over the wall…

Fahima Bemberry says:

Why are we allowing Trump to hold America hostage

Kasim 0wens says:

Well I'm glad good my brother from another mother did not say happy holidays because is not happy especially with no money to pay your bills and your livelihood think about it if I had some money I would give this lady $ $5000000 for real remind me of my mother my mother is a teacher I'm so glad she's still working try to get by unfortunately they don't pay teachers like they should

Kasim 0wens says:

Donald chump it just a sack of s** our soldiers have family to support we all our family we should support one another it's a shame when he went up there to meet up with the troops he should have gave them thousands of dollars 20000 each got damn it. It's Christmas and brand new year he should have played Santa Claus because after everything said and done he's going to play a jail mate in real life and I like to see him with Bill Cosby can be his cellmate hilarious

philosophicalreason says:

I guess Trump is talking to Limbaugh and Haninty again.He's updating his threats.Don't let Trump weaken resolves people if we let him get away with this he will close the government every time he wants something.

Adam Burns says:

Build the Wall First then open the Government Again

micha svendsen says:

Someone stop that big fat crook and liar… Trump!!! Enough is enough… The shutdown is YOUR fault…

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