Talking To The Moon

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Talking To The Moon · Bruno Mars

Doo-Wops & Hooligans

℗ 2010 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc. for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. All Rights Reserved.

All Instruments, Engineer: Ari Levine
All Instruments: Bruno Mars
Assistant Mixing Engineer: Christian Plata
Assistant Mixing Engineer: Erik Madrid
Mixer: Manny Marroquin
Masterer: Stephen Marcussen
Executive Producer: The Smeezingtons
Writer: Albert Winkler
Writer: Ari Levine
Writer: Bruno Mars
Writer: Jeff Bhasker
Writer: Philip Lawrence

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twist twirl braid says:

Dear feelings,
Why me
Why did you choose me

axsea's Game Clips says:

less than 48 hrs until 2019, but yes… I'm still listening to this..

Ratboy 21MC says:

Still so sad after all these years

Honey Bee says:

I think about my first love when I listen to this song… It still hurts every time…

Nayely Caballero says:

I love how the song lyrics is simple yet it touches you so much and makes you remember all the failed relationships in your life.. one of my fave Bruno Mars songs.

emilee kilgore says:

I lost my great grandma on October 10, 2018. I never had the chance to tell her how much I love her and appreciate her. She was the person that I looked up to because she was such a great person. It's been over two months and I can't seem to find happiness and my mind feels like it's just black. There's no light in there. I was also dating a guy for a little over three weeks and then something happened that caused us to break up, and he said that he would love me no matter what. 6 days after we broke up, still loved each other, he started dating a girl. I pretty much got played by him. And the sad thing is, he called me baby the day before he asked the girl out. Love sucks…

Kit Placzkowski says:

Who else is thinking of the movie "Think Like a Man" when they hear this song?

Dogg gos!! says:

Yohana and Nana anyone??

Aileen 08 says:

this song was played at my cousins funeral. this is so deep. I used to hate this song because I would cry every time and think about him. But it’s this song reminds me of how great of a person he was. And how kind and caring he was. I was only 7 when he died. And he was 9. he was always there. But I can only see his shadow now.. not him. But Ik he’s watching above. And I miss him. He’s in a better place. A beautiful place I’m sure. I wish I could just see him one last time. And tell him how much I love him. I saw him at the hospital with all these wires and things to help him. But nothing was working. his catchphrase was always “just keep swimming” from Nemo. I love that movie because of him. He always made EVRYONE laugh. Ik it’s not your business or if anyone cares. But I miss you bud.

wolfie says:

This used to be me and my best friends (lets give her the name espi) song !
But then one day when we were listening to it,
I told her one day the true meaning of the song
Will come. The next 4.months later…..
A new girl comes to the class (lets name her Lili) and we become
Friends. I start hanging out with Lili and Espi says I was hanging
Our with her to much and I needed to start hanging out with her more.
I thought she was getting jealous so I told Lili I would be back in a minute.
We hung out the rest of the day
The next day I am hanging out with Lili again, and Espi tells me we aren't
Friends anymore and I hurt her feelings. I asked why and she explained
How she felt. I felt so bad and I was really mad at myself.
2 week later
I hear our song on the radio for the first time in what felt like months. (I had been avoiding listening to it for a long time because what happened) and I was sitting in my room crying (it was at night) and staring at the moon.

Alicia Felix says:

Tryin to get to you*:-)

Alicia Felix says:

U are Great*in everything you do*:-)

Alicia Felix says:

I'm here*B 🙂 Love U*A.

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