Nicotine Dependence Center

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The Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center (NDC) was one of the first programs in the country to focus exclusively on treating patients dependent on tobacco. Since 1988, the NDC has helped almost 50,000 people using the most up-to-date treatment approaches for outpatients, individuals who are hospitalized and those who participate in the eight-day residential program.

Global Bridges is a science-based initiative to create and mobilize a global network of healthcare professionals and organizations dedicated to advancing effective tobacco dependence treatment and advocating for effective tobacco control policy.

This video, originally shown, at the 2015 World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Abu Dhabi highlights Mayo’s commitment to research, education, and clinical practice in the field of tobacco dependence.


castello west says:

Where are your ethics? Answer the question please?

castello west says:

It's the smoke that does the harm and you know it. Snus and e-cigs will fix this problem. Stop replacing smoke with tobacco in your propaganda!
Patches, gums and the rest of it will never work as well as snus and vaping!
Funded by Phizer!!!??? Corrupt as usual.

3fishes inatank says:

Which Big Pharma company is funding this?? ( Pfizer) One should be made aware of the damage that these toxic "smoking cessation" drugs can cause, both short term and life long. Damage to liver (, and (, likelihood to cause suicidal and homicidal intrusive thoughts, odd/violent behavior (, confused thinking, just to name a few.  If one must use a drug to reduce smoking, use the patch. STAY AWAY FROM BIG PHARMA DRUGS TO QUIT SMOKING.

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