China blasts Canada and its allies over Huawei CFO’s arrest

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China’s foreign ministry blasts Canada and its allies, calling them hypocrites over the detainment of Huawei’s CFO.

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flyin' K says:

Canada now its time to focus on economy , not other bs, we need money, not argument

twenlil says:

You ain't see nothing yet. Just wait until Canada extradite Meng to US.
Canada is going to get hammered not only by the Chinese government but also their citizens.

They better installed some form of glass protection at their Canadian embassy.

China will not and cannot allow this kind of kidnapping of their citizens. They will make Canada an example. I hope the Chinese ram the Canadian navy ships in the SCS.

Make them pay !

John Gilmour says:

There is Very little Canadian News on CP24??????? it is indonesia china, siberia, united states mexican border problems forida problems but no real CANADIAN NEWS of interest to canadians, and it seems "ORCHESTRATED"?????

ninjazhu says:

the lady at 2:20 is so dumb… we are more east than china… so… that makes china west

Eric Fang says:

Chinsese linked Iranian trade deemed illegal; Canadian linked North Korean trade is legal?? ? Clearly a double standard.

Melinda Koid says:

Canada has everything to lose out. Better release the OFC otherwise US and its allies will be dragged into it. Now is not the right time to fight as the world is facing economy downturn.

Armstrong Chan says:

Well, bright up the games, dirty NATO gang cult

Farsighted Optometrist says:

It's not East vs West. It's China vs West.

PP C. says:

Hmm… Now the kidnappers cries kidnapping ! A strange change in diplomatic position..?
In response to Lynette Ong, I think its the canadian politicians who wanted to be caught in-between..!

Riel Kinsen says:

Lawless China. Boycott Chinese at the UBC

Happily Insane says:

China it's not Canada
It's Trudeau.
Send one stern looking gentlema over..
Slap Trudeau, and take his socks.
If his eyebrow tries to run.
It's ok, it's Conservative.

Patrick Wong says:

Just wait till China detains Justin Bieber for threatening national security for horrible music…..

Kwokman Lam says:

A Canadian big time drug dealer will be sentenced to death soon.He name is Robert Lloyd Schellenberg according Da Lien newspaper.

Cave Man says:

Pls don’t blame on Trudeau, he only follows his Master’s order

Cavin K says:

Canada must let chinese bugs go back to their shithole country immediately.

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