Russia says new missile flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound

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Retired Navy SEAL David Sears discusses how Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will deploy new hypersonic missile systems in 2019.


william stephenson says:

I don't doubt that they have the technology. People look past the fact that it's cool to be educated in Russia. Children want to be scientists not celebrities.

steve ducell says:

the irony is that California has a larger GDP then Putin's little oil, gas, and mineral based economy

Clark Spent says:

Doesn't mean shit.
If we wanna nuke Moscow, they can't stop us either.
Who fuckin cares?
The 6 billion of us civilians should stop taking shit from the worlds so called elite, and shove those nukes up their asses!

Daneleemusic says:

If Russia truly possessed such capability, especially in a technical device able of delivering a meaningful payload effectively, they would never have openly revealed such specific power. This looks more like a bluff than anything. Regardless, there are many mitigating factors that render a singular issue, such as the speed of a missile or even as pertains its maneuvering, nearly inconsequential under various circumstances. Putin appears to have rocks for brains when it comes to actually engaging truly existential parameters of tactical expression, certainly as regards the prospects of the practical manageability of preeminence or sustainable superiority.

Nuzrath Anver says:

you are liers
i have seen the video in youtube.

jorge ramirez says:

As an Engineer I learned that the government is way ahead in technology compared to that of which is shown to the public. While we had the flip phones they had the iPhone X let that sink in.

je suis Informaticien says:

nuck israel

Jack Martinelli says:

news from fox news is BS

Jenny Rodriguez says:

Send Acosta over from CNN, let him take a ride and see if he can report the truth about at least one story this year.

milk milk says:

We waste money instead of building weapons like this. We have nothing close we still are developing supersonic missles while they develop and have hypersonics. We are falling behind. Our budget should allow us to never have any competition but thats not whats happening.

Edward Annang says:

But that's how all those countries talk including US. I remembered America says thru dropped 'mother of all bomb' on Afghanistan. Meanwhile, other countries have bigger and stronger bombs than that.

spasev says:

The navy seal with inside information about Russian top secret tests and research. What a joke. Next time report the news, don’t manufacture it clowns.

Ibn Muhammad says:

I hope it hits America

SChamberlain1978 says:

20K+ mph?!? Get the hell out of here. Thing would disintegrate before reentering the atmosphere. Nice try “Ivan”.

First Last says:

1. BS. 2. Russia is not an enemy. 3.USA has weapons people couldn’t even imagine exist.

Shasta Graff says:

Damn good cartoons! I suppose He-man was real too?

Исследователь Свиней says:

приветик из ссср

Patrick Wong says:

Now am I curious what kind of advanced supersonic sticks and stones will be in the arsenal for wwiv

Patriotically Incorrect says:

Putin could wipe out the Israeli navy. A late Christmas present for the world.

Stephen Brown says:

MAD mutualy assured destruction how many times can we kill our world.stupid humans cut off nose to spite face.trump is an idiot conman .his greed will destroy his family and possibly the world.he could care less .dementia is a terrible thing.

Mike Marrone says:

Wouldn’t it be nice if Russia set one of those missiles were Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton the rapist were staying then justice will be served

Van Bui says:

America citizens needs to know that these weapons are real and one wrong move could be doomsday.

Kholo Mokolo says:

Putin 1, Trump 0

johnnylogan22 says:

I am more secure in the fact that America leads military technology, and secretive does not even begin to spell out what we don’t know…

The SR 71 was built in the 60s can fly higher and faster than any known publicly recorded record and the people didn’t know about it until the 80s.. our stealth technology is second to none! And hell let’s talk about the rail gun? See we’ve had shit flying around up in space around our planet and we don’t even know, so anybody that’s going to say they have something that will outdo us and not show it or produce it most likely does not have it especially on that level of the theoretical capability…
No military in this world can match our military budget and technology…

It’s the 10th grade my dick is bigger than yours routine, Pull it out he said…

The big dicks;
Skunk works, Area 51, DARPA, Boeing etc. etc. etc.
And with Donald Trump at the helm you can bet they’re working overtime creating new shit that we won’t know about for another 25 years… no one knew or anticipated that the Donald was going to Iraq this week, he does not let his secrets out…

Next they CNN, MSNBC etc. will be saying that Donald Trump sold them the missile, LOL fake news propaganda
Russian collusion my ass!

9&45 RC says:

So Russia may want to brag about this missile. Just think about what the USA has that we aren’t willing to make public knowledge

Fe Ch says:

Teach those WESTERN RODENTS a lesson,they've been destabilising the entire globe

Correspo says:

What is he talking about

Yakob Izzrael says:


Walter Ontiveros says:

Those are the same people he called our competitor . Fool stupid brainless fool

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