Cory Booker speaks to Christine Ford during Judge Kavanaugh hearing

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Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, shared his thoughts about Christine Ford during her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


Filo Bedo says:

She says.."Im doing this because I feel its my civic duty" …" I have set up a Go fund me account"…."I got a polygraph test"…." I wanted to keep this confidential"how does any of this make sense? Oh wait she's a Demonrat! Look I believe in castration for rapists, my wife was abused as a child and I know first hand how traumatic and devastating an assault can be. But what this woman is doing is an insult to real victims, its these types of false allegations that make real victims scared to come forward. They see what they are saying about this so called doctor and fear they will be treated as such. My only hope is she is exposed one day fully and completely,

Drew Ramstetter says:

Ismt it fuckin crazy the the dems asked no actual questions. They just got all sorts of emotional. Bunch of ass kissing wannabes.

Joe Collinsworth says:

Their version of the truth

pusserswar says:

I watched this galah Booker at two o'clock in the morning during the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings played live here in Australia, and if this is the calibre of the Democratic Senator's then God help America! I have never in my lifetime seen a display of arrogance and slimy, self-serving obsequiousness demonstrated by any person in the political arena. America, you need to think long and hard about the rise of communism and hate espoused by this cretin Booker and his cronies, including the unelected 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a real crackpot, within your political system. Please for the sake of common sense vote Republican in November. Do not vote based on over emotion or misguided empathy. The Democrats as well wholeheartedly support an economic invasion of illegals out to destroy America from within. Stick with the President he will deliver the country through strength and prosperity. Have pride once more in a great country.

FlareArtist says:

I don't affiliate with either side, but wow, this is the most pandering thing I've ever seen.

Deborah Murray says:

Did any of these stupid Democrats ask Kavanaugh how his wife and children are doing? His home has been invaded. His tone of voice is so different than when he talks to Kavanaugh. He is a joke. What about the woman he accosted? How do these ignorant men and women know she is the only one telling the truth?

Dragonuv2002 says:

Hahahaha…I Am Spartacus!

Ken Wilkerson says:

Dummycrates will never get in power again this country will be ruined

Ken Wilkerson says:

Booker is just mad he didn’t F her in the Azz

christie osborne says:

Really, Booker called Ford a hero. are u f kidding me.

Christopher Casey says:

is that Garth from Waynes world?????   🙂

playlist55 says:

LMAO… Corey Booker. Admitted perpetrator of Sexual Assault! Yep, he admitted it.

md3280 says:

dw it looks like your in check, pretty soon to be check mate ! Your just realizing we were playing chess not checkers, it’s all about the long game.

Doris Perez says:

Why did she come now, why didn't she come years ago if she was serious.

Doris Perez says:

She feels guilty destroying a family man.

Otter Green says:

Pretty ballsy statement from a guy with his background. It may as well have been Bill Cosby, up there talking since Booker sexually assaulted a drunk teenage female. But, he claims he learned from it, so I guess that’s good enough, huh?

Tyron Anderson says:

Genius and whinny baby are colluding to be Mr and Mrs Spartacus now, he is so full of shit and a cover up from his own female disrespectful moment. She is just poor is me little girl voice !, The entire country is fed up with the entitled and self sustaining democratic ideaology

Airborne Paratrooper Retired says:

Booker is a joke…what a joke.

John Davis says:

Her and Booker are both full of shit.

The Amazing Lucas says:

False sexual assault allegatioins should be automatic life in prison

boootybounce420 says:

booker is such a little cocksucker

Stephanie Landry says:

Booker speaks to her as if she is a child. Booker is an asshat!

Stephanie Landry says:

Booker is laughable.

mrcain says:

she alternates between about to cry and giggling

Maddog8148 says:

Cory you are a joke! Go back to Newark pal.

Ian Templeton says:

Can you spell "Cuck?"
Yes, C O R Y B O O K E R

Chase says:

Term limits need to be put on our Congressmen and senators.

fierorrr says:

Thats what i dont get about this allegations … i swear of a woman who has a career ever touches me i will tear her down just before she gets nominated for Scotus… but wait …she wont 🙂

fierorrr says:

Her voice is like that of a 19 yr old .. oh wait is she a bot planted by dems ? The face doesnt match the voice

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