Day 1 REWARD – Start or Join a Creative Server – 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges for Free Rewards

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Day 1 Challenge – 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges Guide for Free Rewards in Fortnite

The 14 Days of Fortntie Challenges are(not in order):
Deal damage with different types of weapons
Dance in front of different Holiday Trees
Destroy snowflake decorations
Fly through golden rings in an X-4 Stormwing plane
Hit a player with a snowball in different matches
Search Chests
Search waterside goose nests
Start or join a Creative server
Play matches with a friend
Thank the Bus Driver in different matches
Land tricks in a vehicle at different named locations
Use Boogie Bombs or Presents
Place Devices on a Creative Island
Visit giant candy canes


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Z Burst says:

how is your computer not lagging?

Skiver DaBoy says:

can you do the challenge after day or you have to do it in the same day??

ALP Gamer says:

U r one tier ahead of me

AsolokHD says:

Just found your and subscribed

Sm00th Destr0yer says:

Can you plz add me TamashaBera and run some duos with me?
My Epic is Sm00th_Destr0yer

SBPlaysIR says:

Is gattu ur brother?

Kai Xin Chia says:

Dude I have a question:
Can you finish the quest 14days of Fortnite after the day of the quest given I have to go for a school trip for 6 days

Sheunesu Matubu says:

Love you so much

APS TECH says:

this will be really nice:)

gattu says:

this is gonna be a nice event 😀

Knallgodt Knallgodt says:

But i dont have battlepass

Knallgodt Knallgodt says:

ITS alexthevines

Knallgodt Knallgodt says:

Can u add me

Knallgodt Knallgodt says:

Im starting my game

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