The Luckiest Plays in Sports History | Part 1

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Karthik Kannan says:

Federer is not lucky. I have seen even college level players practice the shot and execute it in practice. Fed is the GOAT. He has hit this same shot many times in matches. Search for tweeners in youtube. If anything Novak was not covering his forehand side which is where most of the tweeners from righties go. Novak has been lobbed the same way by Rafa as well in Madrid. These are shots that players practice. Poster clearly is clueless about tennis.

Aryan Verma says:

Bruh, how the hell is 2:32 lucky. My mans hit that around like 23 times in like 18 matches. smh

Vera Verstraeten says:

happiness in all of us!

Karl Johansson says:

Federer wasn’t lucky.

fork80 says:

Color commentator during the Patriots v. Falcons highlight said, "Looks like the Immaculate Reception, except the guy who caught it weighs about 70 pounds less…" What he should have said was, "Looks like the Immaculate Reception, except in this case, the guy actually caught it."

Wahaj Jamil says:

Intro music name please

curve your toes Christians says:

We need Jesus Christ in our minds and hearts to be in His grace. Read the bible constantly and be ready to suffer.

Sachin Hettiarachchi says:

Only north amercunt sports.

Hoenn Founder says:


Jake Patchen says:

Best one handed catches (if you haven’t already)

monty.montero says:

Where is soccer?

howie9751 says:

Some of these were luck, others were great reactions by the players.

Aiko Castaneda says:

Ædriel ŷüñ

shrinkshrink says:

You should look for Joel Anthony spinning free throw shot

jumping the smark says:

6:06 lowkey bars

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