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Hey everyone! It’s Erin, and I wanted to share the 10 things NOT to do after having weight loss surgery. Thanks so much for watching! Xoxo, Erin

Vitamins and VSG: https://youtu.be/j4Wg_YHciJk

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Pamela Mawby says:

I'm due to have surgery in 6 weeks …..I wanted to say thank you for you're inspiring videos
I would love your support …. I really don't feel I have any at all but I'm not on Instagram or Facebook only Twitter
I really hope your journey is going well

Christina Addison says:

You're amazing! Thank you for the encouragement! Keep blessing people!

Christine Nicholson says:

What type of vitamins?

Olive M. says:

What vitamins should I take?? I’m preparing for gastric sleeve surgery and I’ve really been enjoying your videos!! Thanks for the brutal honesty of your journey!!!

Brandy says:

I am still far from my surgery but I have to rewatch this. This is good info, thanks!

AddyJoeTV - Gastric Couple says:

Great video Erin! We are 4-year vets and it's amazing how many are just starting. It has been life saving for us. Check us out when you can! Thank you for giving back to this community!

Jessy's world says:

Great video love your outlook. I also had sleeve surgery. Follow me Jessy world

Rob Fein says:

I’m 6 weeks out and down 56lbs. The powdered vitamins that the doctor gave me make me nauseous. So I just take regular vitamins now.

Jacqueline Haynes says:

Scheduled for surgery on November 8, 2018. Want to know your opinion about best vitamins to take.

Lib Rom says:

Hi, I just subscribed. This is the third day post op. Can you send me info on supplements. where do I get them?

Margaret Snyder says:

I'm going to an appointment tomorrow to start the very beginning of my weight loss journey, possibly, doing the gastric sleeve. I'm honestly, absolutely terrified. Can you give me some hope?

Cheryl Boltz says:

awesome advice! just found your channel & subbed…I too have a channel. Look forward to getting to know you & follow your journey 🙂

Lisa Marie Rebeiro says:

What Vitamins are you taking. I just bought a Multi at Sprouts 1 x a day just started my 6 month Ins wait before surgery.

Jamila Love: VSG says:

My Vs g journey begins September 13 2018

Christina Fowler says:

I so needed this today. I'm a week away from surgery and really in my feelings the last couple of days. Major swings from I can do this myself to hating myself for needing this. Hopefully this will pass soon.

elizabeth nuccio says:

Hi Erin, I just found your channel, you are so informative. I'm 54 and have struggled with weigh for ever, and have tried ever diet out there over the years. I'm preparing to have surgery on 9/24/18. I very excited. I'm very blessed to have my husband and children's support. I do have a question my doctor has suggested to start the use of the different vitamins in patch form have you or do you know of anyone who can speak on these. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

Lorenzo Massa says:

I would love too know about your vitamins also how about coffee

Helmsfamily8611 says:

I would love to know about vitamins! I’m in the preop stage! Im showing my journey on instagram @gettingaleeved_dana! Would love for you to follow along!

Michelle Hood says:

You said that you will stretch your stomach if you eat and drink at same time….did your Dr say that to you?

Starr Brannon says:

Hi there. Could you please tell me what vitamins you use for headaches & migraines? I am considering getting WLS.

Kristy Parker says:

what vitamins do I need to take, I'm already taking vitamin D3, women's multi vitamin gummies, fish oil, DIM (vegetable vitamin).

Doreen : Lybrand says:

My surgery is in May 2018 and I want to thank you for having this channel. All if you YouTube folks help more than you know.

Doreen : Lybrand says:

What vitamins do you take?

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