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I get asked alot about how to get approved for weight loss surgery and I spill all the info and even how to have surgery FAST!! In 3 months or under!

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ABOUT ME: Hi, I’m Deaira know to some as Candi and I am a makeup artist in Baltimore! I have a love for makeup, hair and healthy lifestyle living! On my channel you will find makeup tutorials, product reviews,wig reviews, weight loss updates and much MORE! If you enjoy please SUBSCRIBE! It’s FREE AND I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!! XOXO


tuff gang08 says:

So if you are 250 pounds "5 "5 how much is ur BMI

Keisha Mcintyre says:

My insurance is Molina you gotta take alot of tests and 6 month weight in 6 months weigh is with my primary and See a Dietician 2 in a group and once one on one and psychologist aka shrink and my last weigh in is November 1st 2018 then I'll be sending my paperwork to weight loss coordinator then she's gonna fax it and wait for approval im 5 ft I weight 215 never weigh this much even we my two pregnancy so my Bmi is 40 or 41 and you have to be at least a Bmi of 35 or more or have diabetes or high blood pressure and a list of other things I have high blood pressure so I'm so ready for my journey this should help with some of my medical issues

NaturallyDOPE0990 says:

My insurance doesn’t require a diet at all. The doctor just has to say I’m a candidate for WSL.

Vana Supernova says:

Congratulations on the weight loss! You look absolutely amazing. I love how transparent you are with your journey.

Diamond Kisses says:

Yes!! I'm so scared that I may talk myself out of it. I'm just now starting the process for the 3rd time, and this time I have kids and am at my highest ever weight so I feel like this is something I HAVE to do. Tfs!

vmoulton1 says:

Just got approved 08/08/18. Can’t wait to begin the transformation.
Hello fellow Baltimorean.

Alicia Grier says:

I was sleeved December 19 2017. Best decision ever. Luckily my process dealing wit the 6mo weigh in, insurance and required testing/clasees was nice. I recommend it, I'm happy. Down 117lbs in less than 8months. I LOVE MY NEW LIFE


Congrats on your progress! You remind me of Ateeya!

Our Simplistic Love says:

Girl congratulations on that progress tho ♡ that is amazing ♡

Bella King says:

i love how honest you are!

W Guine says:

Congrats again!!! Im HELLOVA proud of you!! I too have BC/BS.. Process started in June 21, 2018- Approved for Surgery Aug 22 2018; SW: 311- End Weight before Surgery- 302- Doc wanted me to loose 2lbs, my BMI- 44

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