Tools to Manage Chronic Pain

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More than one-fourth of the U.S. population suffers from some form of chronic pain. That’s pain every day … all day … destroying quality of life and making even the simplest tasks difficult. But a program at Mayo Clinic is providing patients with the tools they need to help control their pain and regain a fulfilling life. [TRT 2:14]


Nicte Ha Wurts says:

I came across this video looking for inspiration to deal with my ongoing pain, I am looking at it and she probably ended up taking pills for depression. 🙁

rose crook says:

haha good one this stuff didn,t help me so no thanks

Lorraine Whitlock says:

I live w chronic pains. First it was my lower back then the legs too. Then started having migraines. Now my whole back and neck and arms hurt. I'm miserable and I don't know what to do. And to top it off some doctors are too scared to give you the proper pain controls. Ugh!

FG Green says:

This needs to be renamed b/c I got no tools from watching this.

frankieG says:

Great video. I have been experiencing chronic pain after a severe sprain that affected my back, hip, leg, and foot. Having diabetes made healing slow. I decided to concentrate on other things. Listening to music, especially fast inspirational music, funny music and healing music has helped me. The pain is still there but for some reason the depression leaves and the pain seems not as severe or as bad as it is- when I am just sitting quietly and thinking about it.

HEY its Aroura, that girl who likes to cosplay says:

I'm sorry have a doctor actually do their job and prescribe pain medicine for actual pain patients instead of Kissy goo gooing it up. I am a pain patient and I would love to have painkillers not to get high but to get relief but since all the lovely doctors of the world don't want to do that …I am left to toil in suffer in pain so I really hope the doctors everywhere in America break every bone in their body and everyone denies him I'm sorry have a doctors actually do their job…. And in some cases doctors pain doesn't improve I've been through the classes it doesn't work…..

Veronica Herrera says:

i have had severe chronic pain for 10 years. I was rear ended. ALONE and trapped is how I feel too. THANKS for posting…

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