I Lost 50 lbs!

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I Lost 50 Pounds! Come celebrate with me.

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Diann Nussbaum says:

Great job Doooooooooor-thy…… YOU ROCK!

Pat Elst says:

Congratulations.  I've been following you for a lot of those 20 years!  Great job.  Never give up.

INTJ Island says:

Dotti- I am so incredibly proud of you! Great video and great job on staying on program and losing all that weight. With the weight you lost before you started WW this time, you have dropped over 60 pounds. That is phenomenal girl!!! I love you Babe!!!

Ines Terway says:

Congratulations on your success. Please share your go to foods. I need new ideas. I’m close to 100 down and want to break that.

Ines Terway says:

Glad to see you on here.

MaryAnn Dunham says:

Super Fantastic Dotti!

Terri Watson says:

So true, never give up on your goals!

pumpkingirl 1950 says:

Hi Dottie, Congratulations and you are so inspiring! I have been a fan of your DWLZ site for years. Thanks again for everything that you do for us. Nancy in Northern California

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