Global Forum 2018: Future of the Global Economy I Fortune

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Hear from one of the world’s most influential economic thinkers on what to expect in 2019. How will the hot button issues of trade, technological innovation and immigration shape the future of economies and businesses around the world?

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ram raghuwanshi says:

Title = global economy.. All talk about usa… Why these people live in delusion that usa = earth

Thomas Norton says:

I just wanted to State one thing so it's clear don't let them fool you thinking that Trump taking credit for this good economy this is all because of Barack Obama's policies he set down in the first term so I thank mr. Obama for being the kind-hearted respectful honorable person that he was because we got just the opposite right now I'm just hanging tight hoping we don't have a crisis maybe we'll get a real man in the white house next term we're halfway through this nightmare so hang in there America trust me this man will do you no good because he's not a man the little boy of privilege wouldn't be able to handle a crisis I just pray we don't have one have a decent safe holiday and thanks again mr. Obama for the economy you set down and hand it over to Trump it's too bad you couldn't do a third term

Jeff Stewart says:

Nafta is not in the same place as before. Dairy provisions isn't the big change. Requiring higher US content in cars, and requiring auto wages to increase in Mexico from $5 to $18 was a big deal in keeping jobs here in the US. Again this guy is so negative!

Jeff Stewart says:

This guy is super negative. Employees are leaving and moving to employers who will pay more if their current won't match or beat the offer. Don't just go ask for more, go get an offer for more then see what your employer does. That is what you can do in this good economy.

Jesus Loves says:

Chemtrails are causing Global warning hoax. Thinking about spraying aluminum, barium, strontium, and lithium, is completely changing our Oceans and soil. Making them acidic, which is killing our World!

ATEVEN19688 says:

global warming and glaciers melting mean human being in wrong way,industrialization and colonization pollute and damage ecosysytem and living environment。the law of karma cause and effect,pure heart pure land。

Mauro Vazquez says:

We are seeing the market shifting now, what's next? When is our market going to adjust? In the next year? In the next 5 years? Are we having a recession or adjustments?????

quiflington says:

The States is like, somewhere between 200 billion trillion dollars and 225 billion trillion dollars in debt. Some estimates put the figure as high as 28 billion quadrillion dollars. Apparently the Rothchild family alone (richest family in the world- on track to be worth as much as 1 quintilian dollars by 2050) hold at least 15 quadrillion dollars in American debt. How are we gonna pay off 28 billion quadrillion dollars? That's a lot of money.That's like almost 80 quadrillion dollars for each man woman and child in the States. That's nuts! You'd have to work your entire life to pay that off.

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