How human monoclonal antibodies neutralize the flu virus | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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This animation illustrates how directing monoclonal antibodies to the influenza virus prevents a conformational change in the protein that is necessary for viral entry into the host cell. Read more:


Candy Swift says:

The human antibody, especially the target-specific monoclonal antibody, is one of the most desirable and important materials in the current immunotherapeutic area. Fortunately, we have gone so far in the field of human monoclonal antibodies compared to the situation of years ago. Creative Biolabs can offer the unique monoclonal human antibody production service with ethics approval.

Nagamantri Lakshmi says:

That explains very well about the monoclonal antibodies. I have read an interesting article about its market @, might be interesting.

T Firth says:

That was interesting up until the exiting of the new virus, it is assumed that the targeted synthesized antibodies will recognize and attach, later tests show this is not the case and testing continues,

The Inspired Caregiver Book says:

Great information! Caregivers have to be in great health, especially when caring for loved ones with the flu! Thank you for this video!

Drew Fodor says:

Nice grammar.

dar gar says:

109 isn't possibly 107 is the limit

LilyRrroach says:

I did. He gave me something for it. Not sure what. He basically said I had the flu but on steroids.

motidevi says:

Did you see a doctor? That's a very high fever to deal with on your own.

LilyRrroach says:

I had a 109° fever last night! Now it's down to 104°. oh the joy! Everything hurts!! even my eyes! how is that possible?!?!?!

FramarBgHealth says:

Excellent video! Thanks for posting it!

Timothy Wilkes says:

The more you stress over being clean, your have a weaker immune system, makes sense. Overall I refuse to take any drugs, I want my immune system to fight and be strong, not left stranded and unfulfilled because it has nothing to fight against.

Rodin Nazarian says:

"how human monoclonal antibodies neutralize the flu virus"

shadowhunter388 says:

I have Influenza A right now and the doc said that I will have this during christmas… This fucking sucks… The pain is ridiculous.

aalaniva says:

@neephius influenza can mutate very quickly into a new strain. that's why there is no universal vaccine.

George Cloozey says:

So why is their no Imunization made yet. thats what this video means why is their no Imunisation.

LBJohn15 says:

thats crazy how complicated are cells really are and stuff like that

feelthemusic62 says:

Danm you Flu!!

TheWalf999 says:

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truthaboutflu says:

truth about pandemic flu – see new flu mask video here

sparkle light says:

Thanks for the kind sharing

Charles Shim says:

who else is watching this for human disease hw.

Brenda N says:

Don't be scared! Being scared only weakens your immune systems!

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