Guy SHOCKS Judges With His Electrical Talent! | Got Talent Global

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Watch jaw-dropping audition as Biba Struja tames electricity on Supertalent 2018. Check out as conjures fire. What did you think of his crazy audition?? Let us know in the comments below…

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Market99 says:

UFO or low electricity level?

AntonioROBLOX MLG says:

warning if u swim with this guy u are dead/upozoranje ako plivate sa bibom strujom ti si mrtav U_U

Watcher NotYoutuber says:

So becoming a bald makes you a conductor? Hmmm

DrawvGaming says:

Thats quite shocking…

Yayalav Cooking Foods says:

do not understand but like you skill


Magic – is an illusion it doesn't exist.

EW Vlada says:

просто русский коммент

the terminator says:

My grandfather saw the titanic and he warned everyone that it would sink but nobody would listen. He told people a few more times and then he was kicked out of the cinema.

John Dana says:

Amazing show…

Lestat Dé Lioncourt says:

Ulan koskoca şirketsiniz! Hiç olmazsa ing. altyazı ekleyin insafsızlar :@#+%&!!

UnleashEverythingNow turtle says:

Wow I could not understand a thing that any of them said but that was kind of extraordinary

Ilijada Odiseja says:

Serbija <3

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