Summary – Stage 13 – Tour de France 2018

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From Saturday 7th of July to Sunday 29th of July 2018, the 105th Tour de France includes 21 stages for a total length of 3 351 kilometers.

SAGAN Peter won the stage in Valence before KRISTOFF Alexander and DEMARE Arnaud.
THOMAS Geraint is the Yellow Jersey.

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Ben Larsen says:

Does anyone know what music was used for this video? letour does not credit any artists.

GeneralArmorus says:

Once again: 1. Sagan

Gabe Cunningham says:

I’m looking for music credits for these summary videos. Anybody have any info on that?

Bryan Jeske says:

Sagan the machine in la belle France !!!

Thumbsdown Bandit says:

British "asthmatics" are dominating the Tour again…

Paul Attard says:

I am surely no expert, but can someone please explain how these blessed cyclists manage to endure all these daily races for three weeks, with an average of 4 hours every day? I admit I enjoy watching the final part of the races on each day, and even enjoy the visual attraction of vast countryside, rivers and mountains, so there it goes!

Amanita Muscaria says:

These videos from official TDF are just absolut bullshit. Highlight's under 4 mins and in that less than minute of cycling. Rest of the videos are for people with attention span of a chicken. From amazing 3 secs to monster 7 sec vid.

Nytrox Nikko says:

Go Froome !

Juan Mandragora says:

Nadherne Peter…best of the bes.t

Diesel Tree says:

Now Nibali is out, the tour has lost much luster.

Josh Lampert says:

It doesn't count for anything that Thomas and Froome look like their on drugs?

1jeepcam says:

Peter Sagan once again proves how dangerous he is if he's up toward the front at the end. When he starts to charge toward the finish, he's like a bull charging and all anyone can do is try and get out of the way! Love the way he "throw's that bike across the line! Great job Peter!

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