US economy grew at a modest to moderate rate in November: Federal Reserve

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FBN’s Jennifer Schonberger on the release of the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book.


Hooyahfish says:

A new recession and Mueller's investigation are going to make Trump the first 1 term president in a looooong time.

Fvv hog says:

It’s all downhill from here guys, buckle up for the MAGA crash!

Supernautiloid says:

Conservative Speak 101

”Wage growth is strengthening.”

Translation: “Worker’s wages are still in the toilet but upper management and supervisors got raises and bonuses so everything is fine.”

Hyper Focus says:

Tarrif fear mongering continues. Fake News.

Jan Bonet says:

The economy is slowing down, and only the rich enjoyed the gains from the 2008 crash. They recovered, the middle class didn't

victor cheng says:

Sounds like stagflation

Matthew Jones says:

Would of better if not for this socialist in charge of the fed. He is trying to take this economy down. Just in time for 2020 in an effort to elect a globalist.

Scott Sutton says:

63K sealed indictments need to be executed ASAP!!!! Pray they get done ASAP!!!! Join me and thousands of others praying this occurs sooner rather than later!! The GOD clock is ticking folks better pray now and often for our leaders to get these arrests made now!!!

Barry White says:


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