The U.S military wants to hunt enemy subs with genetically-engineered sea life

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The US military is supporting research focused on genetically-engineering marine life for the purpose of tracking enemy submarines.Research supported by the Naval Research Laboratory indicates that the genetic makeup of a relatively common sea organism could be modified to react in a detectable way to certain non-natural substances, such as metal or fuel, left behind by passing submarines, Defense One reports.

If the reaction involves the loss of an electron, “you can create an electrical signal when the bacteria encounters some molecule in their environment,” Sarah Glaven, an NRL researcher, said at a November event hosted by the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, reportedly noting that the aim is to use this biotechnology to detect and track submarines.

The reason we think we can accomplish this is because we have this vast database of info we’ve collected from growing these natural systems,” she further articulated. “So after experiments where we look at switching gene potential, gene expression, regulatory networks, we are finding these sensors.

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The other navy seals lol.

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Propaganda. That's how you get them to spend money.

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very cool, but making it public means communists will copy it.

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And that's AWESOME
Well done

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