Despite sanctions, Iran shows off aerospace capabilities

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(27 Nov 2018) IRAN AIRSHOW
++ Associated Press is adhering to Iranian law that stipulates all media are banned from providing BBC Persian, VOA Persian or Manoto 1 any coverage from Iran, and under this law if any media violate this ban the Iranian authorities can immediately shut down that organization in Tehran.++
LENGTH: 3:38

Kish Island, Iran –  27 November 2018
1. Pan of F-14 Tomcats belonging to Iranian army performing aerobatics during the 9th Iran Air Show on Kish Island in southern Iran
2. Zoom out of planes carrying out aerobatic manoeuvres
3. Pan of aircraft flying during aerobatics
4. Pan of six jets called Baltic Bees, a Latvian civil jet display team demonstrating
5. Various of Baltic Bees during aerobatic manoeuvres
6. Wide of three Russian-made MIG-29 aircraft performing manoeuvres
7. Wide of planes on runway during air show
8. Baltic Bees aircraft taxiing on runway
9. Mid of Kowsar Iranian fighter jet taxiing on runway
10. Close of spectators filming aerobatics with their cell phones
11. Zoom out of spectators filming with their phones and camera
12. Various of visitors and aerobatics in progress during the air show
13. Mid of Iranian helicopter on display at air show
14. Mid of Gen. Amir Hatami, Iranian Defense Minister (left) and Sourena Sattari Iran’s vice president in charge of scientific affairs (right), seated inside helicopter
15. Hatami and Sattari surrounded by officials
16.SOUNDBITE (Persian) Gen. Amir Hatami, Iranian Defense Minister:
“Those who have imposed sanctions (against Iran) are the most isolated ones in the world today. Sanctions will certainly not have a substantial impact and will be broken. We will continue our path anyway.”
17. Wide of space capsule, the first manned spacecraft claimed to have been designed and built by Iranian engineers
18. Close-up of space capsule
19. SOUNDBITE (Persian) General Abdoklarim Banitarafi, head of Iran Aviation Industries Organization and Deputy Defense Minister:
“These sanctions are not new. We have been under sanctions for 40 years but they have never stopped us from progressing. We have done plenty of research work in different fields of manufacturing aircraft, drones and helicopters and will continue to do so in the future. Not only did sanctions not stop our work, they are a blessing for us too.”
20. Close of drone built by Iranians on display
21. Tilt-up from drone to helicopter
22. Pan from visitors to helicopter
23. SOUNDBITE (Persian) Kiumars Ahadi, Head of Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC):
“Today we design and produce a large number of parts for planes ourselves. In many cases, our engineers have managed to make changes to and optimise aircraft parts with better and newer technologies. As you can see now, 40 years after the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s military and civil air fleets are still up and running.”
24. Reverse shot of a visitor sitting in a flight simulator
25. Close of visitor in flight simulator
26. Mid of visitor operating the flight simulator
Iran is showing off its military capabilities with thrilling displays of aerobatics at the country’s international airshow in Kish.
Despite ongoing sanctions, Iran’s defense and aerospace industries say they are well equipped to keep pace with the latest technologies.
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Van Hellslinger says:

Iran will in all probability be the first country to be nuked since Japan! Their own fault!

Van Hellslinger says:

Trump is Vindicated for the sanctions. a couple weeks ago Iranian assassins were caught in Paris and Denmark and now some EU countries are agreeing with Trump . Trump vindicated over and over again. Now EU countries have over 800 miles of Border Fences and Wall to keep out Immigrants. It was the EU that served as the Poster Boy for the Fantasy of a World Without Borders. The Callie Leftists are all aboard with such nonsense of letting in millions of immigrants, and now the EU is falling down on their commitment to the fantasy. In fact Hungary recently elected a new President that ran on the promise of Keeping Muslims out of Hungary. Wake Up you stupid Leftists, Trump is the best thing to come to America. AND guess what– He will make Mexico pay for the wall. For after it's built there won't be any free ride to USA, they will have to pay every time they cross over.

Banger 66 says:


Taj Ahmed says:

Looks like the Persian empire is rising to be a world military leading edge manufacturing power. Extremely smart scientists. What makes them brilliant is how innovative they are chained by sanctions. Unlike the Zionist slaves, the Wahabis, the Iranians have a vision hundred years ahead.

Ponuru says:

Despite sanctions, Iran shows off aerospace capabilities we gave them.

Shaiphel K A says:

Sanctions made powerful iran…… God bless Iran

Yahya Stifler says:

اره بابا ااااا ،گی گفته تحریم بده، تحریم خوبه ،جنس و میدین اقا زاده ها قاچاق کنن ، بیارن سه لا پهنا بکنن تو پاچه مردم ،خون ملت بیچاره رو داغ داغ بزنیم بر بدن ،حالی به حلوی ،چه برکتی ازاین بهتر

Grace Antonio says:

I'm convinced the real reason why the US has been so negative about Iran is bcoz Iran's turning out to be another competion in its emergence as a progressive country. US wants only itself as top dog having influence all over the world!

Roya Noorollahi says:

They never have stopped and sanctions are good so go pay #hafttappe workers 6 month unpaid salary

Roya Noorollahi says:

Old american planes these are at least 40 years old

1 looper says:

Iran must make hundred of nukes and thousands of ICBMs

J says:

Miniature jets miniature submarines

Nrl k0 says:

iran regime terrorist

Hassan Ghadghooni says:

بیاد زنده یاد تیمسار جهانبانی . . … روحش شاد … خجالت بکشید .

Joseph Mosesean says:


Mike Litterst says:

Keep it up Iran. Protect your country from our Zionist government.

fafar gol says:

Nobody wants to see a repetition of US policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Syria that have resulted in horrendous bloodshed and have given rise to the terrorist scourge and the refugee problem in Europe.

Let us not make a mistake, war is the inevitable logic of Trump’s and Israeli policies, and they will be solely responsible if another conflict breaks out in the Middle East.

There is no doubt that Trump’s new policy towards Iran bears the hallmark of Netanyahu and his supporters in the White House who write Trump’s speeches for him.

toklaut7 says:

Im a sunni… God bless iran

Bingo Bingo says:

Bunch of old and rusty American and Russian planes.

Bullet Club America says:

Fuck Zionist

Kiumars [Iranian Kurd] says:

Death to BBC, death to VOA, death to AP, death to Manoto, death to Israel

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