A Simple Strategy for Day Trading the ES Futures in Trending or Choppy Markets

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Tim of EminiMind.com shows you how he approaches the market each and every day, live using Infinity Futures. Tim’s methods are simple and easy to replicate across all futures contracts. No fancy secrets or proprietary indicators. The methods discussed can be implemented as soon as you leave the webinar!

What you’ll learn:
– How to properly determine the market trend and which direction to trade
– How to clearly identify a valid trade setup
– How to manage a trade


Eric Preston Conley says:

That was about the worst presentation I've ever watched. It's almost like someone needed to teach this "pro" how to trade. Infinity Futures! I would be embarrassed to even post this video.

Ben Dover says:

Amateur and too much talk. You had some great setups there, but you're missing them all. Silly.

Bither Ocamps says:

Lots of talk, but no substance

Val Karpitskiy says:

I tried to understand your strategy, but chart do not cooperate with you, looks like lots of blah blah blah blah.

ThumperOne says:

Really? Fib pullbacks? O.M.G. lol

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