Why I Changed My Mind On Vaccinations | Danielle Stringer | TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity

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“Vaccines are BAD! Wait! Vaccines are GOOD!” – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Danielle Stringer, shares her experience and ideas that caused her to leave her vaccine-hesitancy behind and advocate for immunizations.

Danielle Stringer was born and raised in Arizona. Dani knew she wanted to be a nurse from the age of 10 and went on to do just that. Stringer graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing. She graduated at age 18, and became the youngest pediatric nurse practitioner in the country! In 2014, she started a blog, www.kidnurse.org, to raise awareness for pediatric health issues which currently has over 2 million views.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


Silvia Ivancin says:

She seems like a girl who thinks drinking milk is healthy because a doctor said so

Jacob Simon says:

Pharma companies make little money on vaccines and would make much more on people paying for expensive treatments for diseases

Dan says:

VACCINES, PHARMA & THE CDC >>> Conflicts Of Interest, Government Infiltration and Control, Inadequate Testing, No Accountability Or Liability, No Placebo Controlled Studies, Suppression Of Data, Intentional Omission, Censorship, Spin Doctoring, Deception, Lies, Fear Mongering, Scientific Fraud, Cover-ups, Stone Walling, Manipulation, Media Suppression and Control, Strong Arming, Collusion, PR Smear Tactics, Bribery, Coercion, Threats, Murder, No One In Jail

Nicholas Bianchini says:

And then I got paid by the pharmaceutical and oops change my mind

Who Am I? says:

I ask the anti-vaxxers in this comment section one question:
Would you rather have smallpox or have slight discomfort for a few days?

Elsa Salas says:

I'm not worried even if she don't change her mind. It looks like she is lost. You can't run from consequence. I hope she doesn't missed a flu shot every year if she is such a believer. One think I can tell you she was never a antivaccine. She is not telling the whole truth about what happened in Disneyland. Yours truly Joseph

Kendra K. Holly chavez says:

..some agenda, pushing poisons, not showing scientific research studies, wow…pretty face..lost soul

Kevin Day says:

Me me me me me me me me!!!!
Look at ME!
Look at ME!!!!

Isaiah James says:

Kid nurse you can take my vaccine and my children's and my wife's vaccine for us we don't need them you can have them and our place

Bon Vivant says:

no other scientific fallacy is forced down the public's throat like vaccines with no one taking responsibility or liability. I want my education $$$ back!

marian ward says:

Here’s a thought how many people jumping our boarders vaccinated

silent golden says:

Paid shill 2easy

zabelicious says:

WOW.. What a performance!! clap clap clap Still not gonna vaccinate

Rose Herban says:

Disappointing talk. I feel like she was only adding fear. In the research I’ve done so far, many many people have come forward as being vaccined injured. And she hasn’t come across any in her research? Strange.

Linda Holly says:

How did she become a RN by 17? She started school at 14?

Kevina Williams says:


Lizard Queen says:

She started attending college at 12? BSN by 16, MSN by 18?

Our journey 3 says:

Sounds like a scare tactic

Clark Hollingshead says:

The beauty of science is exactly what Danielle Stringer mentions, it’s a process that updates and grows. It may not be as dogmatic as how it is presented sometimes but these reasons are not grounds for complete dismissal. Especially when it comes to the science of vaccines. Vaccines have done great things for the overall public health. We hear all the time “if vaccines are bad, then where’s polio?” Not a great argument but let’s answer that question. First results from the polio vaccine came in 1955 and 38 years later in 1993 it was eradicated in the U.S. That was thanks to a vaccine. Going further, smallpox was wiped out worldwide in 1977, again, thanks to a vaccine. With only a few examples here it seems these vaccines are enabling children to live longer and better lives. W.H.O. reported of the 8.8 million estimated deaths of children under five 20% could have been prevented with a vaccine.

If we’re worried about overwhelming the child’s immune system with too many antigens, let’s not be. We all encounter approximately 6,000 antigens daily. That number isn’t even in the same ballpark for vaccines. For example, the Hepatitis A vaccine presents 720 el.u. of viral antigen. Both numbers are a far cry from the 54,000,000 antigens our bodies must fight against when fighting off that viral infection.

We also hear many people from the anti-vaccine group rely on herd immunity or ask why be so worried if herd immunity is a real thing. Herd immunity is a real thing, but it takes a strong collaborative effort to achieve herd immunity. An effort of around 90% protected via vaccination is required for this immunity to come into effect. At that point it becomes a very powerful protection. Furthermore, that 10% of unvaccinated should not be used by anyone other than those who absolutely need it. With herd immunity we’re protecting infants who haven’t lived long enough for their immune system to be fully revved and those who will never mount an immune response due to being immunocompromised through cancer or genetics. We have the means of being proactive against crippling diseases.

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