What I Got My Kids For Christmas 2018

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What I Got My Kids For Christmas 2018 🎄Tell me which one of these MANY Christmas presents and gifts are your favorites in this What I Got For Christmas KIDS EDITION! This is great Christmas ideas for kids including Christmas gift ideas for boys and girls 💕

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We are a fun family channel who do daily vlogs, shopping vlogs, homeschooling, and autism showing what a real large family looks like!

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Stephanie (Mom), Lonnie (Dad), Danielle (14), Bubby (12), Noah (11), Lex (2), and Baby Liam

Noah has Autism Spectrum Disorder (moderately functioning), ADHD, and Intellectual Disability.

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Ashley Marie Mckean says:

Are you doing vlogmus? I love you guys and your one of my favorite bloggers! Love yoouuu

Jasmine Villaruz says:

I love to watch you’re video cause you’re such inspiration to how to a wrap gift

Shelby &co says:

I can't wait to see how happy they are on Christmas!
You did good.

Kaitie Higgins says:

It’s crazy the price differences in Canada vs the states. I got my son a tickle me Elmo on Black Friday for $20 on sale from $40 and yours was $9!!

Master chief says:

Your kids are gonna watch this

SuperHuman777 says:

You and your family are awesome. I wish I grew up in a family like yours. But it's just as well, I love watching your videos. I miss Toys R Us, but love Target and Walmart as well.
Stephanie, you are a mighty mom.

Jessica Byers says:

Girl your done, and I’m still shopping.
I also have five kids.

william hunt says:

Love your family

llostinspaceee says:

You are such a good mom, I wish you were my mom.

Danielle Layne says:

You have so much love for your family and you are truly raising your kids to be amazing people!

The Aspie Girl says:

Honestly, your kids SHOULD watch your channel! They're your family, so they should be supportive!

Ava & Brenleigh says:

Do your kids watch your YouTube

Sandra P says:

Awesome video loved it. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family and be safe.

Melissa Lowe says:

Checkout FREEDOM CONCEPTS they make bicycles that are modified to what the child needs.. you can inbox me if u have any questions solarbabie2@live.com

Noah reminds me so much of my son who is Autistic as well

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