Gmod – Giant Chickens, Runaway Trains, & Sea Creatures! – Messing Up Gmod

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Today, we mess around Pills, Trains, and endangered sea creatures!
Theses clips are a collection of outtakes and footage of us just having fun in Gmod.

Music used ⬇︎ In Order
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Opening and Closing music ©Steven Cancelmo


evilduane73 says:

drift gmod trains

combine soldier says:

to freeze you must clikc right mouse

Combine Engineer says:

Do you even know how to Freeze props? And don't smash them into the ground to the point where the only way to get out is to fling out of there.

Nico Francis says:

press rightclick with physgun while holding a thing and you will freeze it!

SAGamer painter says:

the piratecattys mega pack

Manika Redd says:

dang the poor train

Manika Redd says:

ha ha you are so funny tokoji.s

Victor V says:

2:50 What the hell is that thing?

Owen Huffman says:

noobs! ,funny but still noobs!

emporer15 says:

What mod did the trains come with?

Cian picard says:

What was the map?

PERP Gamer says:

nice video 🙂

Joshua Bonkowski says:

Best messing up in Gmod session eva.XDD

Tyler Bottoms says:

how were you able to have piratecattys water animals because they were taken off of steam workshops?

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