MAX Level Rogatka Pulsar Locking Down Enemies In Champion League | War Robots

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Just trying this build for fun. I figured the Rogatka died in the game awhile ago so I would put range weapons on it, to give it some chance. Enjoy

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Dávid Járomi says:

hogy a rák egye el pixonic fejét!

Kangxi T says:

Rogatka scourge

Phantom_ 1145 says:

My last built with rogatka , is with molot level 8

ツMichuFx says:

Tenés buenos robots pero q mal juegas

Captin Bob says:

53rd… I never understood why people put the order they appear in so yer…. this is the 53 comment. Yay I guess

Sammy Salomi/War Robots Gamer says:

Try the new trident with the rajin it worked pretty great for me

Hacker_Yt For real says:

What is your clan

Mixer says:

This game used to be a good game and it has a well balanced system that allows people grow in the game by their own effort. Nowadays this game is only about money and it's getting worse because they increase the price for everything, they are making us, the players really frustrated.

assaf cohen says:

Hi. Can u pls update the tanker link? Its not good..

Xzedious Boss says:

Ah, Rogatacka, very mobile bot, the days where it actually was used. The bot has mobility, and it's good at that. It just doesn't have enough firepower. 2 medium weapons is not enough firepower for something like this, or maybe the firepower is enough, but not enough for "them".

Natural Power says:

Please run new tridents they are sooooooo powerful(more than dragoons).

Bartłomiej Odachowski says:

Adriannnnnn is so much better. He can prodict oponents' moves very well

NeoSlayer X says:

Report tankers here link doesnt work, says it "doesnt exist". I'm in diamond league, and OH BOY, TONS OF TANKERS TO REPORT.

Gomdjabar says:

Try spectre/pulsar!

Gregory Blair III says:

Do Christmas music

lasarousi says:

Rogatka dead? I still used it 2 months ago with storms and spectres ran away

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