Logo Design Critique: Custom Lettering Motorhead

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Do you need help designing a logo? How do you make a logo better? How do you improve your logo design? Do you know how to constrain angles? how to use the measuring/ruler tool?

Chris Do critique a monoline design for “Motorhead.” Join Chris and the team in critiquing a user submitted logos.

Learn the fundamentals of lettering and how to apply them.

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Host– Chris Do
Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras
Live Editor– Erica Pead
Editor– Stewart Schuster, Mark Contreras, Aaron Szekely
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne http://www.adamsanborne.com
Typefaces: Futura, Din, Helvetica Neue
Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne


Gabriel sorondo says:

This is so weird because…I can see why you wanted to revise that "M" but….I dunno….I like the original better. Not only do I like the original over the revised one, I feel also that the revised "M" , while the negative shapes are technically the same and parallel, optically it looks like the first negative shape is thinner than the second one. I think it is because of the curves at the top of the "M". I feel they should be more curved inward. Kinda difficult to explain through writing. It's like you just cut 2 circles in half and drew 67 degree lines coming from them when you should've rotated the circles as well. That make sense? I dunno, someone help me out here. Does anyone else see it?

Emi Shi says:

More of such videos will be amazing for budding creatives!!

Sunan widya soendoro says:

Aww i learn tht shortcut Command K, to make consistent angle. Thank's!

Ximon Whhatt says:

That was awesome

keith williams says:

Great vid. I feel the the M and the D need slightly more personality. Maybe a slight serif to lead into the M. I feel that custom lettering works best if you think of if as a sentence or story(abstract I know). Generally the best ones have a solid and open and purposeful conclusion that puts your perception at ease. I love whats going on in the middle and the weight is balanced. That's hard to maintain when you are doing script of more humanist lettering. Nice work overall.

Abdemed says:

Hi. I want just to say that second O is bigger than the first wich make logo with the two points and weird r very crowded. That's my opinion. Good job.

dana saad says:

at 6:52 you could have just selected the two points that you want to connect>right click>join, to join the two anchor points together into one 🙂

John says:

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kapil tyagi says:

If the M got some even head like the original one that would be great for me.

esjsung says:

I definitely need to rewatch this at least 3 times

Stefan Asafti says:

the original M looks better

Cece c says:

You are genius Chris. Bursted out laughing in amazement. Just learn something new with the measuring tool. Thank you for taking your time to explain things clearly.

jamie yyoo says:

Thanks Cris that constrain thing is supper helpful

Huang Jie Tan says:

did he just rotate a circle?

Hafizuddien Ju says:

Didnt have a problem with the M until you touched it up and now i cant stand the old M.

Monkey See Monkey Do says:

wow chris the attention to detail man, this is some next level sh***

Ishan Shah says:

The earlier M looked better, imo

Archana Rao says:

Hi Chris! Could the kind people at The Futur please do an episode on how these brilliant behind the scenes shots are made? Is it photography or Cinema 4D?
Thanks a lot!

pawan sheoran says:

New m have more space inside then other letters ….how this is okay ?

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