Gastric Sleeve Surgery: My Experience

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My lashes look absolutely crazy so sorry in advance LOL

Thank you guys so much for watching! I can’t express enough how thankful I am for you all and your support throughout this journey of mine. You all mean the world to me and more and I love you all so, so much.

I hope I answered all of your questions and concerns about my surgery, and if not, please feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to me on my other social medias and I’d be more than happy to answer.

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Lacey Tomaiolo says:

let me just say something quick…
this video is NOT to scare anyone going into/thinking about getting this surgery. this is just my personal experience, and me wanting to prepare others before getting the surgery. this surgery was THE BEST thing that could’ve happened to me and i want nothing more than for people to feel comfortable going into it. this is just me being 100% real. if i thought this was an unbearable/terrifying experience i wouldn’t recommend it nor make a video about it. i’m sorry for the misunderstanding, and hopefully you can find the positives in this video/the surgery.

jsp tv says:

thanks for the scare lol

Little lady from little Rhody says:

Well that was encouraging. :/ I shouldn't have clicked on this one.

rosie lawson says:


Karamel Kisses says:

Can't wait for mines in may❤

vincent bowyer says:

I'm in 2 minds about these surgeries. On the one hand it's great if the people that have it follow the directions correctly and get the results but on the other hand it is so drastic. As someone who was obese and was 138kg I was getting a bit desperate and did start to do a bit of research into surgery but i always thought that i could do it naturally . Thankfully I have and in 16 months I've lost 59kg

DarknLuvly G says:

Thanks for sharing but you repeat yourself a lot. This video could of been about 15 minutes shorter LOL thanks for sharing tho I'm really happy for you and having this surgery in a couple of months

Myia Stoner says:

I’m In the process of the surgery I have to do so much but I’m so excited to get it I just wish the process would be faster !! I have to see the nutritionist for 6 months . Then have a test to see if I’m physically and mentally ready for the surgery and then go to meetings for the surgery and after I’m done with all that I get to meet the surgeon and see what is best for me and then do the surgery

W Wood says:

MY wife see her GP on Friday, see specialist that afternoon 2 weeks later she's having surgery ..

Tisha Stoutmire says:

Omg it takes forever to tell the story.

Jennifer Hernandez says:

I had my sleeve 6 months ago and I'm 25 pounds away from my goal so excited !

Devin Adigun says:

Im in the process of gastric sleeve just awaiting them to submit everything to my insurance. I had to do 3 dietician visits, phyc visit, physician visit for approval. Thats what my cigna insurance required. Its all about what your insurance provider requires of an individual. So now waiting for them to actually submit to insurance for a surgery date

Kaylee Mimran says:

What your eat

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