Riot Police At Mexican Border

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Riot police on guard as migrants make a dash towards the northern border of Mexico.

U.S. authorities have stopped all north- and south-bound traffic at the San Ysidro border point of entry between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, after migrants tried to rush the border Sunday.

More than 500 men, women and children overwhelmed Mexican police blockades, prompting U.S. agents to fire tear gas as U.S. Border Patrol helicopters flew overhead.



shawna miller says:

To be one of those cops would be terrifying , could out imagine being one of them to have to go against these people ….they couldn't pay me enough

granolabean1 says:

Mexico looks like a joke. Cartoon police. Silly people.

Stephen Sanders says:


MarA Q. says:

Mexican riot police are pussies.

T Anon says:

Trump is an idiot. But these migrants need to be shot to be made an example of.

Mark Espinola says:

The barbarian invasion of the Western Roman Empire may have taken on a similar appearance.

Edenmoon says:

I am Mexican and we need a wall and deep enough with electric wire omg hurts to say but Mexico needs to fo something in the southern border !!!

Tami Garrett says:

Where are the ouzi carrying Mexican police?

R R says:

Why can’t Canada accept them all? Second largest country in the world with the strong economy.

AdmiralJaff says:

Close the whole border and leave it closed!!!

Asian Muslim Midget says:

Look at all those men. Women and children my ass. And im a direct mexican descendant

Fait Accompli says:

Like a bunch of cockroaches invading your kitchen and toilet

Alex McDowell says:

Shoot all the invader rats!!!

Theophilus Adavi says:

This is invasion. Period!

Phil Curr says:

These invaders must never be allowed to the US at all cost. Trump 2020!

Dominic Cruz says:

What the fuck was that the police the federal police in Mexico they are not doing nothing they just stand there waving hand make show they could send a military to help the federal police the only thing I could say it's a klusterfuk in Mexico

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