Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | 11.23.2018, NBA Season

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LA Lakers vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | 11.23.2018

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MLG Highlights says:

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Steve Cardoso says:

No trades!! This team is improving and this team will be tough to beat in the playoffs ..ppl forget that playoff LeBron is a different animal and with a built fellowship like lonzo aggressiveness Ingram's ability to score and make his own shot kuzmas fearless attitude able to make shots and McGee's consistent play on both sides …not to mention the bench driven by rondo Stephenson who can do it all Chandler's leadership in defense and presence..kcp who has the ability to knock down shots Hart who I think can become a scorer can knock down shots …awwn it feels good to see the Lakers contending once again go Lakers !!!

Atoms Matter says:

Why Lakers is not using Michael Beasley??? He is better than the other Lakers' starters!!!

Juan Martinez says:

Lakers play good but they need defend

jamil playz says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lebron is balling
And Ingram Is too

FizZeE says:

Can we just appreciate how good is that block on 0:46 by lonzo? zo didnt even fucking budge.

1Mrsweetness says:

Idk why but Utah is so annyoing as a team.

Deniel Dom says:

8/3/17 until present ESPN international poll still shows Kobe over Lebron.. and there's a reason why.

temper says:

Lonzo is in the game
Him and LBJ making plays constantly
Get 10 point lead

Lonzo comes out
other team ties game

Am I the only one noticing this?

christian querubin says:

6:29 ok so Ingram bein Harden now?

Anthony Harp says:

Don't be surprised if this Lakers team ends up in the finals

milanxlewis says:

They use to read the entire roster in the beginning of every game. Now its "& LeBron has been awesome and then there's rest of the crew".

Ian Paduada says:

Ingram is playing better than LeBron. And I don't mean to hurt LeBron's fan.

lenny ash says:

if i had one wish i wish i could see what the lakers see in ingram

dj Quantum says:

Up up mi general up

TallFrame Game says:

And skip said ingram cant score twenty to save his life ha skip

Akbar Rahman says:

Like if you think the Lakers can shake up the Conference this year.

BeastMaster811 says:

where's Rondo?

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