BAKKT Approval Coming Soon? – New CFTC Commissioner [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

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New CFTC commissioner weighs in on Bitcoin and Bakkt. Lets discuss how institutional money can affect Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market. Also, let’s look at the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today!

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Qui Nhon says:

How's your $6k BTC "bottom" looking right now? Hope people didn't listen to random youtubers like this guy. If you invested at $6k "bottom". You're on your way to losing 50% as BTC is $3800 now and dropping.

iustin83 says:

crypto had those drops befor! long term patern ! at least thets what i thinck! i will keep my coins

Tim Ulrey says:

Indicators: always refer all time frames (D, 4h, etc) back to the weekly indicator. You should check out ADX and DI and MACD, too. Typically the DI line (the black one) starts leveling off before a mini-reversal happens – and it often 'fakes out' by leveling off, skyrocketing one last time, and then leveling off. Those three indicators (and volume… the best indicator) are a great start. Always go back and forth between weekly and daily to catch divergences.

PCRE 2187 says:

Thanks for the Ledger Nano plug! 50% off is a great deal. I will be picking one up with your referral link well deserved!

BootsOfLeather says:

Institutional money ain't even close to entering the market at these prices. You think these guys gonna join in with the chance of losing another 50-75% gotta die to rise.

Justin Charles says:

crypto is a scam tbh. nobody uses it. everyone wants to get rich get quick thats why it will fail

Ryu Jeong says:

Bitcoin has a chance to become the future, so let's put aside gains and losses for a moment, consider holding your positions a way to… gamble for your own future. My advice is that you don't hold much, only a portion of your wealth which you could afford to kiss goodbye, put your private keys at some safe place, the forget about it, live a life, wait for the big news to strike you, if it never would come, that's OK too.

Karlito's Way says:

Audio volume very low.

4real ceo says:

want to get better stop drinking beer … n eat organic

Noel G says:

I don't see any evidence of crypto friendly regulation. Why would anyone be optimistic?

EVGENY says:

Soon a large growth of aelf (ELF)!

LongPig BBQ says:

The only people who could possibly be selling at these prices… are people who have been in the space since before last Summer. No one else would sell at 70% losses… may as well hold to zero. I dont get it… why the hell would you try to sell or trade at prices this low… the Alts are decimated. BTC, ETH, LTC are a shitshow…. The market is being manipulated by deuchbags.

kurgon1976 says:

I spent all my money back when BTC was 7.8K/per. I'm so frustrated having spent all my money. 🙁

A K says:

I think more dumps are coming, this year was a bad year for crypto, looking forward to 2019, I'm glad that 2018 is almost over.

T-Fox says:

I think I've finally moved away from CMC. I've been using coinpaprika lately. I like it and I think I'm going to stick with it. I like that auto refresh a lot. Thanks for the video, George!

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