The Worst Current Graphic Design Trend (And Why I Love It So Much…)

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There’s a new graphic design trend that is the absolute worst. But also…the best.

Not surprisingly, you can blame young people for the popularity of this design trend.

What is this design trend you might be wondering?

And how can it be so amazing yet simultaneously terrible?

By the end of this video, you’ll have your answer.


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Jesse J Delgado says:

Hey Brady, I had a question. Is it problematic for a church IG to be mainly text based images? I’m not a GD but I take care of social for my church and I just feel like maybe this is the wrong approach, maybe less text and more in the descriptions? Idk any help would be much appreciated!!!

Alex Beemer says:

I would burn down my office to if someone took my red Swingline stapler… says:

Ahhhhh! It hurts! As a designer you feel it's necessary to make things look pretty!! But maybe it's time to set our designer egos aside, and focus more on attention than fancy graphics..! says:

But… We don't get new trends or discover different methods without having broken some "rules" along the way. Design is about experimenting and coming up with new ways to solve old problems. It's not just "Gen Z" please stop blaming "Gen Z". This video annoyed me way too much. I'm mad I watched this.

Rowan Roman says:

'Breaking every rule'
I love it.

Brice Dickinson says:

If anyone is looking for inspiration linked is a YouTube vid of Bill Wurtz.

DeAnna Prather says:

Where is my stapler!!

Chris Klinglmayr says:

Y'all need to change your decoration
49ers suck lol


What mics are you using on the show?

Bradley Alsup says:

You should probably return that guys stapler.

Web Design Project says:

Thank you for it, becouse i was thinking that elevation church as well as hillsong united has no a good designer)

Tony Rosales says:

No Canada Dry? What happened? For the hundredth time, I love this channel!!!

Jeff Stormer says:

Now you young punks finally get it. OLD. You're OLD. Next video you'll be hollering, "Get off my lawn!" 😉

Jeff Salvo says:

The mics are fixed looks great! Maybe i will start using comic papyrus in my designs. 2 bad fonts come together to make a super bad font

Logan Driskell says:

"Hi, You seem to have taken my stapler" hahaha classic

Koko Pratama Pudja says:

Thank God finally you fixed the mic orientation!

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