What It’s Like To Sell Burgers In North Korea (HBO)

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North Korea is not a capitalist country, so the number of people who’ve actually done business there is quite small. Among them is Patrick Soh, who helped bring fast food to Pyongyang back in 2009, and Geoffrey See, who started Choson Exchange, a group that brings business professionals into North Korea to teach people there how to run businesses.

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Crismodin says:

Hey, let's try not to get random people killed in random countries.

Gonzolives420 says:


Silas Eck says:

Why is the Geoffrey guy subtitled? He speaks English perfectly fine. No need for that…

Iris Park says:

That is true. Even with charities I work with for North Korea. It is done through connections. How one individual trust another individual. It has nothing to do with the charity itself. charity organization is simply something that a single trusted individual operates, not a group where an individual belong to. to put in another word. North Korea will never trust American government. but with enough convincing and through enough connection, they may trust trump. but this is independent of the fact that he is president of the US.

Thant Zaw Win says:

Vice is being really biased on the side of American media. Trying to push its own agenda. And not focus on how North Korea is improving in its own way. Sure it has human rights abuses, sure its very militaristic, but they are trying to reach out and improve. And thats a good thing.

illmatic8988 says:

Came here to find out what it's like selling burgers in North Korea. Came away with the same old vice rhetoric on North Korea.

Kitschy Travels says:

I’ll have one mashed potato please

Manolo Tusca says:

Soylent green is being ration there.

clip012 says:

This is mean. Putting on English subtitles when clearly that guy is speaking English.

HiddenDart says:

this reporter needs to be fired. All she keeps pushing is Trump agenda. Lets talk about something else for a change.

6 6 says:

North Korea didn’t want KFC or Mc Donald’s cause its American I bet the diplomat wanted both! But if he chosen them he and his family would be killed.

Barry A. says:

I hate how the orange mobster-in-chief gets credit in every sentence. Instead, he should be sentenced for laundering Russian mob, aka Putin's, money.

MidnightPikachu says:

Damn those burgers look good

code3in619 says:

Where the burgers at?

jon candelaria says:

Cmon the homies trynna set up his waffltown empire in the NK and this lady's just trynna stump trump. I really wanted to know more about how the business started, how they chose the location, the foods most popular in the NK waffletown, this interviewer was weak

Ronald Burse says:


Ratz Buddie says:

Trump having the DPRKs best interests in mind. His interests change with the news cycle, how is he gunna keep a population in consideration?

Hans Peter says:

when i was in northcorea in 2008 they had human meat on the menu. wondering if they have other uses now for the bodies or why they ended this offer …

K4nler says:

Bud du zei know SCHNITZEL?

Cejay says:

Clicked this video to watch something about burgers, not politics… -__-

Dr0pkidd says:

I wanna try Waffle Town.

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