US actions in Iraq and Syria become fodder for ISIS propaganda | Caliphate

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Rukmini Callimachi, who covers terrorism for The New York Times and presents the podcast ‘Caliphate’, claims that we haven’t figured out yet how to fight ISIS. According to a Pentagon and UN estimates, the organisation now has 30,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria despite losing most of its territory.

Listen to the New York Times’ Caliphate podcasts, with some extra Australian context at


3ysa says:

Thousands on the battlefield yet millions behind the screens

Pisipatu says:

Stupid reaction . In islamic or in some asian countries you have to get rid of extremist by force . They make others exetremist by force not by chain reaction.

Hank says:

"Israel said its sovereignty over the Golan Heights is permanent, after the US for the first time rejected a symbolic UN resolution that calls on the Jewish state to end its occupation of the Syrian territory it captured in 1967.
“Israel will remain forever on the Golan Heights, and the Golan Heights will forever remain in our hands,” Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, thanking the US leadership for voting against calls at the United Nations on Friday for the return of the Golan to Syria."  RT

Ahmad YFH says:

The only connection between Al-Qaeda and 9/11 is that they are both an American creation

YourLover says:

Orah isis. US proxy army

Roos in space says:

Islamic terrorism is an ideology, you got to fight the ideology itself if you want to stamp out terrorism. Fighting ideology should start in mosques and masjid, tell the mussies they gonna go to hell if they carry out terrorist attacks etc.

Roos in space says:

Invasion of Afghanistan is justified by 911 terrorist attack. However, Invasion of Iraq is a major major strategic failure in the war on terror.

Zankuex says:

Isis commanders are daesh Isis central command they are evil and bad and they did badman stuff to their neighbors

Addy Joe says:

No country is safe now. Thanks to bush and howard. I dont know if my child will come home safely after going out. Look at melbourne terrorist attacks

Lilac Milkshake says:

Woah! The first 7 seconds! So, even if Iraq had been harbouring Al-Qaeda after 9-11, they were at most only a few hundred men? Yet it was worth blitzing Iraq, killing a hundred thousand civilians, to get them? The evil of "the good guys" is unfathomable.

Kevin Tang says:

USA is a Evil country, they don’t give a dame the life of others. All they do is cause trouble and Bomb innocent civilians.

Sticks says:

30k false. They don't know size of IS
Numbers include volunteer rebel and even villagers to n detainment.

Shriram Thoopul says:

Most apologetic comments by this lady. People support ISIS? Who are these people? A Commoner on the street? No way. Majority of the peace loving Muslims sees ISIS is a curse to the humanity. Yes, there will be some collateral damage but that is inevitable.

ZEDZEDrick78 says:

so what is your solution, I hear alot of an opinion but no solution, how would you fight an army that hides in plain sight in the population and uses civilians as a shield. If your getting shot from a building we should just what wait for them to come out so we dont destroy the building ? Your in a dream world lady get out of your bubble and join the rest of us. Dont critisize without offering up a solution.

Matt Stirling says:

Blowback's a hell of a drug.

Damian Flynn says:

Maybe the fake news should stop collaborating with Al-Qaeda. The ABC is notorious for supporting these animals.

Cooler Cooler says:

To sit on a fence and watch a village burn, makes you just as guilty as the enemy
Lady is full of shit

firefox5926 says:

and in other ground breaking news …the sky is blue…

Stand4 Liberty says:

Israel did the 911, not some caveman Bin laden, Seek truth down the rabbit hole and you will find conspiring supremacist JEWS at the bottom.

Definitely a George Soros funded bot says:

Well CIA backs Isis so…

strong foot says:

US actions in Iraq and Syria become fodder for ISIS propaganda | Caliphate: this BS in the first.
ISIS= Israel + NATO + their allies.
Stop kidding people!!!!!.

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