The Top 10 Most Promising Medical Technologies UPDATED – The Medical Futurist

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Digital health technologies are booming and there are so many of them! But if I step back and look at the big picture, it gets easier to point at those that will have the biggest impact on medicine and healthcare.

Here is a curated list from augmented reality to artificial intelligence and tissue engineering.

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jaimee c says:

Why are the subtitles in Korean what goes on

Zoya Radzhabova says:

I wonder what doctors think about it, nurses and medical assistants?! Computer or AI will take over our jobs, life, and our world. That’s why those who is behind all this will try to eliminate humans because it’s easier to control smaller population. Also, DIGITAL TATOOS!?? Are you talking about MARK OF THE BEAST?

ilmas ashraf says:

The world has gone to the moon built weapons but cant even cure artharitis wat a pathetic human race

Kübra Koçdeveci says:

Thanks for this informative video. I want to watch again with English subtitles.

Nejat Özdeniz says:

Well informative

Jan Barbosa says:

Great Video !!! Love how technology is merging with healthcare… Now only missing how to make it affordable and commonplace.

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