25k to 1 million Trading Options LIVE Challenge DAY 1 MARKETS TODAY

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https://www.marketcrash.money/500k Are you fed up with ordinary results trading stocks and options? Are you ready for a breakthrough?!

https://www.marketcrash.money/500k – Limited Time…Schedule 20 min. Free coaching session with The Trader who turned 12k to 466k in less than 7 hours trading options!

https://www.marketcrash.money/1mil (Very Special Course for High Achievers and those who hate the word “average”! If you strive to set records in everything you do, if you are the person that wants an “extraordinary” life, this course is for you! The world is yours! 5 core fundamentals revealed for Trading Stock and Options, detailing strategies and many nuances that helped Leonardo turn 12k into 466k in less than 7 hours in just one trading day!)

https://www.marketcrash.money/charts-and-patterns-course (Learn to recognize divergencies for identifying stock moves before they happen! Make charts your best friends! 6 plus hours of Proprietary Content Focusing on How to discover Divergencies utilizing charts and patterns to identify major stocks and market moves before they actually take place!)

https://www.marketcrash.money/vip-daily-trader-service (vip service for active traders with multiple trading alerts each day. There is a pre- requirement to signing up for the VIP DAILY alerts, which is taking the charts and patterns course. (it is for your own benefit, and quite honestly we can only accept a limited number of clients to this subscription because of the personal daily interaction aspect of the service.)

https://www.marketcrash.money/optionsalerts (Options Alerts Service for longer term traders that delivers timely alerts to your phone in real time market environment)

https://www.marketcrash.money/bootcamp ( Get 3 master keys to unlocking the future of your trading! 2 day private bootcamp- the entire program on charts, patterns, divergencies PLUS trading idea generation PLUS 13 markets move formula.)

https://www.marketcrash.money/8habits (8 Habits of Highly Paid and Successful Traders Video Course)

Secret #1: Discover the best stocks for trading options!

Secret #2: Discover the top 3 best chart patterns for huge returns!

Secret #3: Discover the key to locking the gains!

Secret #4: Discover the difference between Trend vs TRO!

Secret #5: Discover the secret behind Timing! which days to trade and on which days to stay away!!

Secret #6: Don’t trade the news, but rather the market reaction to the news!

Options are really much easier to trade then most stock traders think. Are you a stock trader or options trader looking for great Stock and Options Alerts? Today is your day: https://www.marketcrash.money/optionsalerts


jay N says:

Why you said in 6 months If you made a really good return in a one day

Lammenator says:

So where is day 2?

Dragon Ghost says:

How do u have all them charts on your pc, what program is that?

ddupont1987 says:

Im curious your top screen is cropped out that would show if this is a live account or not

Dirk Brock says:

Teach me, teach me!

Daniel Martinez says:

i notice that when you purchase an option you do not have to pay a broker fee ? why is that? is this a demo account or live account?

Mitch A says:

No more of these except 1 on your channel…did you blow out the account? Super interested because that was amazing!

tamal dutta says:

The macro environment is conducive to the #financial sector, as interest rates are rising, taxes have been trimmed and volatility has returned to the markets. The financial sector is likely to report the fourth-highest year-over-year earnings growth, with a strong Q1 on cards. In the sector, Diversified Financial Services, Consumer Finance, Banks, and Capital Markets are expected to report earnings per share growth at a double-digit pace. Track the most active #largecap #financial #stocks performances. https://goo.gl/YJVye7

Brandon Kim says:

Leonardo, I just signed up for a 9am consultation and I haven't received a phone call or instructions in the email. So I moved it to 10am. I'd love to talk to you.

H. Autumn says:

I want to learn more
I don't think I'm ready yet

Starrsy4 says:

When you sell an expiring option 10 minutes before close, who buys that? What do they do with an option with only a few minutes left?

JavaJunkie009 says:

What platform are you using?

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