The True Nature Of Light and Energy Space Science BBC Documentary HD

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The True Nature Of Light and Energy Space Science BBC Documentary
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Robert Byers says:

Is light finite? is it really a electro/mag wave through empty space? what is this is a early error?
What if light is everywhere and is in space. only a provocation is what travels. The provocation pushes this electro/mag wave.
Therefore extrapolating backwards in time from light does not give a accurate age. Light is likely instant originally but is now interfered with a bit.

Green Papajas says:

Why not HD quality ☹️

bagariddum says:

writing the equations out, on camera, is know in the trade as: 'giving it the big 'un'

John Johnsson says:

Thank you for saving saturday evening ,i only understand half of it …….if that …probably saved sunday evening to as i watch it again .

James anonymous says:

this "science" doc is for 6th graders,,,,& is a cinematic piece of SHIT !

dionh70 says:

I like to play science documentaries such as this as background when I'm doing mundane tasks.

Akshara M Ramesh says:

no science buddies?

Desi says:

the quality of bbc doumentaries puts to shame my public television network. I'm just a cow milked by government, the TV license is super expensive here, we only get satisfied idiots lecturing us.

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