Mika: President Donald Trump Has Lost Me With Nunes, Medal Of Freedom Talk | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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In an interview Thursday with Fox News, President Trump suggested House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes should receive a ‘Medal of Freedom’ in his handling of the Russia probe. The panel discusses.
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Mika: President Donald Trump Has Lost Me With Nunes, Medal Of Freedom Talk | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Tommy Boykin says:

Nunes: I sold my soul long ago…

Quentin Tate says:

You can't re-make America. WE won't let you. Period.

Robert Clawson says:

Clinton and Obama administration colluded. When're you going to follow the the law Mueller and investigate both sides? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWmiZ-uWcfM The correct word for Democrats is cowards. #walkaway

Seán O'Nilbud says:

Just to be clear because the lie has been repeated millions of times. There was no Russian hacking of the 2016 election. The badly faked "evidence" is demonstrably fake. Cast your mind back to the illegal US invasion of Iraq and the "evidence" of WMD. That completely fake WMD evidence was entirely made up and it was a thousand times better than the Russian hackers fake evidence.

David thanks says:

If you are from Massachusetts please vote for Q-3 and say yes. There is a transgender suing a woman owned spa for not shaving her front genital parts. They wanted to have the soft silky skin for the pr-op. Transgender have rights, woman wanted to be equal so vote Yes. Transgenders need to get fair treatment from everyone and every business. The spa being sued is in Milton MA and if she lost she will be fined 50000.00 and and jail. That would put an end to her business.. throw her in jail!!

Team GT says:

I agree they should give him the medal of freedom. With the orwellian way the Republicans name things. I know it's just going to be a pair of handcuffs and I agree he belongs in handcuffs.

William Mize says:

A moral leader mean a moron leader trump

Michael Vella says:

The only thing anyone in the White House deserves is a stripped suit.

gvigary1 says:

Peter Pettigrew award, maybe.

not fooled says:

i think we should bring back the firing squad for traitors and have a lineup on the south lawn

Sour Cream says:

Vote JANZ 2018. Devin Nunes has done absolutely NOTHING to better the lives of us California Central Valley Residents in the past TWO DECADES that he has held this position in office. He has time and time again voted for giant tax breaks for the wealthy Americans and corporations, he has voted against health care for the Central Valley residents, he opposes raising the minimum wadge to a "living wadge". Don't get me started on water…the BIGGEST issue we face here in the Central Valley. He has not proposed any legislature to help out our Central Valley residents & farmers, or increase any type of water storage. He has not addressed global warming….HELLO PEOPLE….CALIFORNIA IS DRYING UP….due to global warming…….water needs to be our #1 focus, we feed America and the world from here. Farming is so important to our economy. Devin Nunes does not represent my family values anymore. It is time we vote him OUT of office and replace him. After 20 years in office and doing NOTHING to improve the living and working conditions in the Central Valley….I say GOOD BYE DEVIN NUNES.

rhonda sampson says:

I always thought Nunes as one of the worst sychophants serving trump, He is a traitor and undermines our Democracy!.

Geoff TuckFrump says:

If Nunes gets ANY type of medal, hopefully he hangs himself with it until he is dead, dead, dead. He supported Russian interference and has proven his hatred of America like all Trump supporters.

Angry Old Man says:

Maybe a Trump award. For outstanding work in obstructing justice and his treasonous work to keep Stupid Orange in the oval office.

Ryan Dimapilis says:

stupid punks. you lost. nobody cares about you.

Giovanni Soave says:

Trump doesn't understand the word 'brave.'

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